Have my web 2.0s been deindexed?

by Ross02
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The company I work for have some old web 2.0s they bought as some kind of SEO package. They're about a year old and most aren't indexed.

Over the past week I've been trying to get them indexed (pointed links at them, posted on google+ etc) but still nothing.

I'm starting to think maybe they could have been deindexed because they were built by a rubbish seo company who built web 2.0s for many clients with the same IPs and email addresses and stuff.

Is it likely these sites have been forever deindexed or should I persist?
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    IPs and email addresses would have nothing to do with them being deindexed. Google cannot see what IP address you use to setup a Web 2.0 site.

    But yeah, they can get deindexed if they are junk, and likely were. I doubt you would ever see them indexed again.
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    Sure, the your website deindex, you check site:domain on google
    If your site display on google, the your site no problem
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    just create new ones, theres no point beating a dead horse
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