The single hardest peice of content to create for a new site is:

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The about page... SIGH...

All day long I've been working on some about pages and I'm pretty sure I still sound like a douche bag, will get instant thin affiliate penalties, and will scare away any prospect away who reads it.

I've written like 50 of these and it never gets any easier either.

I just want to write "If you're here to buy stuff, go do it, if you're not then leave, if you're a manual reviewer, please don't ban me. Oh and follow me and stuff" and press post.

But no. I've gotta write some story about how one day I woke up, dropped my banana on the ground, realized that there had to be a better way. Man was I beat up, that was my last banana, I had no money, no job, I was borderline about to get kicked out of my apartment, and that was my last banana. At that moment I decided, that I was going to get my life turned around, I was going to get a job, start a business, become rich, and it turned out that even after I did those things, I couldn't stop dropping bananas. So I created this helpful instructional website about: not dropping your banana on the ground and it changed my life, and I hope it changes yours too.
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    Where is the url mate?
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    Lol, at least it is not a soap However, I do like banana story. It is definitely something new. About pages can be a real pain in the neck.
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    I think they are starting to go out of fashion... an About page is not always necessary. Depends on what your goals are for your visitors. Does the About page increase or hinder traffic and conversions?
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      About pages are simple and there is no wrong way to do them.

      Check out this one: (NSFW)
      A crappy product or service by people that disappear from the forum for a long period of time to make it look like they were working on something so when they come back you will want to click on their crappy product or service link

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