Articles/SEO vs Backlinks, what is more important?

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What is more important for a new or established site?

Articles with good SEO or Backlinks?
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    Originally Posted by windycityxx View Post

    What is more important for a new or established site?

    Articles with good SEO or Backlinks?
    Both are important. You want good quality articles. ESP for a new site. If you write good quality content other bloggers and webmasters in your niche will eventually link back to you. These are called natural links. They are hardest to get but are also the most valuable.

    For a new site you need a launch plan.. even if you have already launched. Don't go shooting blind in the dark. Nothing good can come from it.

    Even if the only part of your launch plan for now is building back links plan it out. There are three types of links:

    • Natural Links - You have great content and without doing anything people link back to your site. The more difficult link to get as it's a link you’ll only start to get with popularity.
    • Outreach Links - This is asking for links. A good way to ask for links is by telling the person how valuable your content could be to their visitors or their site in general. Or you could simply ask for a link exchange. Don't do this half assed.
    • Self Created Link - These are the least valuable but are still good. Guest posting, blog directories, videos, forum signatures, etc,.
    Outreach Spreadsheet:

    Create a spreadsheet and spend as long as it takes to fill that spreadsheet with 200 - 1000 websites that are in your niche. In the spreadsheet include important information from each site like, links to guest posting page, email address or contact us page (the most important), and a link to their links or blogroll page if they have one. This link is good for many reasons but it also gives you more sites to connect with. You can add more or less if you want. At least get the email and or contact page.

    Take your time and write up a presentation email. This is the email you will send to all of the people in your outreach spreadsheet. Creating this sheet can take some time. Don't waste that hard work by writing a crappy email that say "Hey can I have a link and I'll give you one to?". just like writing a quality article write a quality presentation email. It does not have to be long. Better it not be long in fact. Short to the point. Tell them how you think your site or content can be of value to their site or visitors and whatever else you can think of to make them want to link to you. Or simply ask them for a link exchange in the very least. but do it in a thoughtful way.

    I hope this helps.

    The Intern.
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    Good articles/SEO may help you rank a new site for keywords that are not particularly competitive, without any external backlinks, but good backlinks can, and do, trump everything.

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    bouth, u cant have one without the other
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    Originally Posted by windycityxx View Post

    What is more important for a new or established site?

    Articles with good SEO or Backlinks?

    You don't need articles to rank a page.
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      So then what do you suggest?
      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      You don't need articles to rank a page.
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    I think Article is very important and same backlinks is very important
    If you want to increase your website " Lock All Configuration From SEO ( Articles , Backlinks , Backlinks Quality ... )
    Good Luck
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    Both is important, properly optimized article will build the authority of the site, where backlink will boost up ranking. Thats why onpage and offpage SEO both is important for a website.
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    Originally Posted by windycityxx View Post

    What is more important for a new or established site?

    Articles with good SEO or Backlinks?
    For a new website, both are equally important. Good quality articles, not just good SEOed articles are requried and you need to have quality backlinks. I would start with commenting in own niche and forum posting gradually getting to next and further stages.

    Please visit Blogeomics for further info.

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    For new sites I think Article is much for important. Articles and contents are the key to success. In SEO guru says Content is KING! So if you want to rank your site, you should have good amount of unique contents. If you don't have you cant do that. So try writing some good articles for your website. Or you can hire someone for this task. You can hire a writer from fiverr. Fiver is a marketplace where you can find creative and good writers for your website. For my site I have hired Chrylent and she done a great job with my site. You can look at her profile as well.
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    Article Ooh sorry.! I mean Great Article! yes it's 100 time more important, because without Great content no one will love your site neither visitor nor Google, so try to focus on article first
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    Both are important to get website traffic and ranking. In article submission do not share duplicate content and use high pr sites to submit quality content.
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      They are both VERY important. You need the links to rank. You need good content to get people to convert (whatever that means for your particular site) once they are on your site. Good content also leads to more and better links... natural links. Good content causes users to tell their friends about your site.

      There is a constant struggle between what's good for SEO and what's good for users. Good SEOs make good decisions when such conflicts arise. In most situations with a little thought you can find a way to accomplish both a good user experience AND help your page from an SEO perspective. If no good compromise can be found for such a conflict, I tend to side with what is good for users unless it is something absolutely crucial to SEO.

      On-page factors including content carry little weight in comparison to off-page factors (links). Some estimate about 20-30% of rankings are determined by on-page factors and that the remaining 70-80% are the result of off-page factors. So giving up a little from an SEO perspective in favor of making the user's experience a better one typically only has a very small negative affect from an on-page SEO perspective.
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  • Now content marketing trend is going on. so try to write more and more but meaningful content for your site. So we have great source that promotes our content is "article submission" but internal linking should be in your article, blog for the direct traffic on your site through the article.

    On the other hand, SEO for link building is also a good option but it takes time and more efforts.
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    Articles create backlinks so they are connected. Without one, you cannot have the other. However, if we talk about priorities, it is normal that you will have to create articles in order to start getting links and attracting attention.
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    Both are hugely important. To ignore one is a detriment to the other.
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  • Agree you cant have one with out the other. Optimize both dont let your content be bad stop getting links. You need it all to bake a good cake
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    As has been mentioned several times above, both are important. Personally, I find that articles is easier to do than backlinks, because I can control the content on my website, it's harder to control backlinks.

    Also, I've noticed that good content on a website, such as a blog with decent articles, can lead to backlinks on its own, just by being full of good content, and that is all you need, really.

    Create unique, proofread, high-quality content with Articoolo

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