Noob Question- Is there a way to improve SEO for my blog without payment?

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I'm kinda new in the online bussines , and my focus is on bringing more people to my blog. The paid referals and paid traffic are currenty not an option for me, so im interesed in how can i improve so the search engines would find my blog more easily. PS- blog is about local events in my city.
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    Make sure you set up all the major local citations. Google+ / 411 / Yelp / Yellow pages / ect

    Find local businesses and bloggers you can network with and try to get some reciprocal links.

    Work the social networks to try and spread the word.
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    Of course you can improve your site and your SEO. How? Well, there are many things that should be done if you want your pages to rank or if you want to have such pages on your site which will attract people from social platforms. There is just too much to cover so it could be explained properly here in 2-3 sentences.

    If you really want to know what works and what doesn't then you either need to find a person or a coach who will show you how to create Google loving pages or you need to test everything yourself and see for yourself. If you just intend to read all around the net and listen to all kinds of advices then you will lose a big deal of your time and energy.
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    Noob Question- Is there a way to improve SEO for my blog without payment?
    Sure, learn SEO.
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