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Hi guys

I know that adult sites linking to your website can cause problems.

What if very legitimate and child friendly websites are linking to you but the article contains an adult word or two?

Our PR company is running a press release tomorrow for me and I've just realised it could cause some problems.

In order to make it a catchy headline that (hopefully) gets picked up by trade press and national press we've created a new phrase for our industries lexicon.

Kind of like how people write about food porn. Obviously food porn isn't an adult term. It's just a catchy way of describing images and pictures food you could drool over.

So if we created our own term and loads of websites picked it up and ran with it and then linked back to us does it run a small risk that we might get penalised?

Bearing in mind it's not a term that really gets used all that much - unlike food porn- so googles less likely to already know what it's referring to.

Even if the risk is small I still don't want to take it. People rely on us to make a living!

Would really appreciate any thoughts anybody has on this.


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