Will my new website plan harm my SEO?

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Hi everyone, i currently have a website out there which is fairly new. Currently its all one large scrolling page. Im planning on making each section much larger now so will be splitting the content into different pages.

I am planning on making the home page nothing more than a grid system with all the links to the different pages in a table like format. Design wise what ive planned seems like a great idea but what i am wondering is will this affect my SEO. I know content is very important to the likes of google and my home page will be very little other them some nice looking links to other pages.

Could you all let me know what you think? Thanks
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    I have put a design plan up on my websites server to help you visualise what im explaining. Thanks
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    Will work, if you have optimized content (i.e., words) on the page not just images.
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    Hey, actually that looks pretty good!
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