How to get out of Pure Spam manual action?

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So I'm usually pretty good about not buying domains that have manual actions but I screwed up this time. I feel like the domain name is good enough to try to attempt to get out of the penalty.

I've heard put up like 10x 1,500 word pillars, make sure the site is decent quality, then submit for reconsideration. (If it's going to take much more then that I'm letting it drop.)

Any other advice or anybody is there anybody around with experience getting out of one of these? It's not a backlinks issue, I can clearly see in that at some point the site was indeed entirely spam.
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    Are you sure the backlinks good?, it's pretty difficult to get good backlinks to stick to a spam site.

    If they check out as you say maybe the site was hacked and the previous owner just left it to die.

    If the links are okay it would definitely be worth trying to get it re-indexed with some proper content, and if it fails you can always re-use that content on a new site.
    My 2c

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    It's an old authority site that expired for whatever reason, somebody picked it up and put a bunch of spam articles on it.

    I agree with Google, it was pure spam.

    That person never built any links as far as I can tell. There's still a few really powerful links that are still live.

    I pmed you the info, I don't want somebody from certain regions of the world "helping it out" or even seeing it for that matter.
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      Originally Posted by mkii View Post

      I don't want somebody from certain regions of the world "helping it out" or even seeing it for that matter.
      Yeah, never post anything on here, there will be a 100 clones of it in no time. Reply sent.

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    I would go the route of playing dumb. Put up the new content. Then put in a reconsideration request explaining that you just purchased the domain and have no idea why there would be such a penalty on it. Include the purchase date and any other relevant details.
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    Hi mkii,

    Here's a good group of videos on recovering from Google penalties:

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