How do you group your keywords?Any TOOLS?

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How do you group your keywords?

I know the logic of clustering and grouping the keywords. What I meant here is, do you use any fancy tools?

How do you make it to work fast and do it in efficient?

Hint: Another nifty tool in process, and might going to be my next product
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    How did I group my keywords? Well, here is how I do it:
    Take a list of a keywords (like below), drop them in Excel.
    Manually pick and group the keywords in a way that:
    - every keywords that has three same phrases will be grouped into their own adgroup
    - every keywords that has two same phrases will be grouped into their own adgroup
    - every keywords that has one same phrases will be grouped into their own adgroup

    Why do I group my keywords like this? Well, it's because Google want me to do it this way

    solar panel

    solar panel
    solar panel roofing
    12v solar panel
    portable solar panel
    solar panel shingles
    build solar panel
    build your own solar panel
    make solar panel
    sharp solar panel
    solar panel technology
    flexible solar panel
    used solar panel
    solar panel kits
    10 watt solar panel
    building solar panel
    cheap solar panel
    how to build a solar panel
    make your own solar panel
    marine solar panel
    mitsubishi solar panel
    photovoltaic solar panel
    roof solar panel
    rv solar panel
    sanyo solar panel
    solar panel costs
    solar panel manufacturer
    solar panel pool
    solar panel prices
    diy solar panel
    how to make a solar panel
    solar panel information
    solar panel installation
    solar panel manufacturers
    solar panel manufacturing

    solar panels
    diy solar panels
    residential solar panels
    electric solar panels
    solar panels roof
    used solar panels
    best solar panels
    home solar panels
    portable solar panels
    solar panels cost
    solar panels for homes
    flexible solar panels
    house solar panels
    printed solar panels
    commercial solar panels
    pv solar panels
    solar panels wholesale
    water solar panels
    cost of solar panels
    free solar panels
    hot water solar panels
    new solar panels
    photovoltaic solar panels
    rv solar panels
    small solar panels
    solar panels cheap
    solar panels for sale
    solar panels manufacturers
    solar panels marine

    solar power

    solar power generator
    solar power panels
    solar power systems
    solar power electricity
    solar power panel
    solar power products
    solar power energy
    portable solar power
    solar power cost
    solar power lights
    solar power for homes
    solar power house
    cheap solar power
    cost of solar power
    marine solar power
    residential solar power
    rv solar power
    solar power companies
    solar power for home
    solar power home
    solar power kits
    solar power system
    solar power cells
    solar power generation

    Solar Energy
    solar energy panels
    residential solar energy
    solar energy products
    solar energy
    solar energy home
    solar energy info
    solar energy system
    solar energy systems

    Solar Water
    solar water pumps
    solar water heaters
    solar water heater
    solar water heating
    solar water panel
    solar water pump
    solar wind power

    Wind Power
    wind power generator
    wind power generators
    wind power home
    wind power turbine

    energy panel solar
    solar electricity
    solar cells
    solar charger
    solar electric power
    solar generator
    solar shingles
    solar products
    uni solar
    bp solar
    solar cell
    solar technology
    home solar system
    outdoor solar lights
    solar chargers
    solar fans
    solar heating panels
    solar batteries
    solar battery chargers
    solar generators
    solar kits
    solar lights
    solar powered lights
    solar yard lights
    attic fan solar
    energy information solar
    home solar systems
    residential solar
    rv solar
    solar battery
    solar battery charger
    solar collectors
    solar companies
    solar electric
    solar electric panel
    solar fan
    solar garden light
    solar heat
    solar heater
    solar heating
    solar heating pool
    solar home
    solar hot water
    solar landscape lighting
    solar light
    solar lighting
    solar outdoor lighting
    solar powered homes
    solar powered house
    solar product
    solar pump
    solar pumps
    solar pv panel
    solar roof
    solar roof shingles
    solar roofing
    solar shingle
    solar street lights
    thin film solar
    collector solar
    solar diy
    solar installation
    solar module
    solar powered home

    photovoltaic energy
    wind energy
    energy saving

    wind generators
    wind powered generators
    home wind generator
    marine wind generator
    marine wind generators
    small wind turbine
    wind generator
    wind turbines
    wind turbine

    photovoltaic panels
    photovoltaic panel
    photovoltaic shingles
    photovoltaic module
    photovoltaic cells
    photovoltaic power
    photovoltaic system
    photovoltaic systems

    electricity bills
    cheap electricity
    electricity price
    electricity prices

    With manual methods, I took quite some times organizing the keywords.
    So, how do you do yours?
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    Are you talking seo or ppc? if ppc are you talking search or content?
    if your talking ppc search, then group all related keywords together, do this all by hand, the example above is a good one
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    Are you talking seo or ppc? if ppc are you talking search or content?
    if your talking ppc search, then group all related keywords together, do this all by hand, the example above is a good one
    Thanks, what I mean was for PPC search purpose. I always do it by hand.
    It's quite tiring when I got quite a lot of keywords that much

    I personally don't group my keywords as I prefer the granularity of one keyword per ad group.
    I do that too in testing markets, 10-15 main keywords.
    But for the winners, I always add some more keywords with more ads to split test
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      The best way to group your keywords is One KW per ad group.
      "well this is going to give me alot of adgroups" you say.

      Yes it will. But if you stream line your process of finding the right keywords and uploading them in an streamlined fashion then you can set up a very complex Adwords campaign in a short period of time.

      This includes having two ads per adgroup. The difference might be very small but one usually out performs another. When you have a winner. Delete the loser and do it again. is my exact step by steps for starting a campaign. I do use some tools to help this process but I AM NOT affiliated with any of them what so ever. They just work really well for me.

      1. Find the niche that I am going to use.

      2. I do some keyword research. Personally I use keywordspy( no affiliation) because it is fast and I can see who else is using that keyword , how many clicks they are getting a day, what their daily budget is and so forth. It will also show me which ads have been performing the best.

      3. I go to google and the other SERPS and start inserting my keywords to get ideas of ads .

      4. I then insert all the keywords I am going to use in to a file. Either excel or sometimes just a text file.

      5. I upload them into speed ppc (one again not associated with this) to set up my campaign.

      6. Each Adgroup has one keyword with the 3 match tyypes. For example:
      solar panal
      "solar panal"
      [solar panal]

      7. I generate 2 ads for each adgroup. I always start each campaign like this:
      Example Ad 1 Example Ad 1?
      Features Features
      Benefit Benefit
      Set your ads to run evenly, google wants you to show the best performing ad more often, but this doesn't let us get an accurate picture on which one really is the best performing. They need to run evenly.

      Notice how the only difference in my two ad examples is the "?". I start with that. Then make changes to the one that doesn't perform

      8. Have the content network turned off at first till we find out what search KW is best performing.

      Here is my daily list of to do's
      Day one-Action, Setup, research and start search PPC campaign
      Day 2- check for errors make sure everything is running ok
      Day 3-Delete untargeted Keywords not getting clicks or impressions
      Day 4- Expand Keyword topics & keywords that get lots of clicks
      Day 5-6....continue to
      Day 7- copy search campaign and turn into a "content" only campaign.

      I do this in 30 day cycles. I monitor the ads each day to see who is the AD winner ( there are programs for this, is use winneralert, no affiliation).
      And change the loser , constant testing

      Get the best CTR and continue to delete and add words while you continue to lower your bid price.

      That is as about as streamlined as I can be. I know that is alot of info in a post but I tried to just give you straight up answers without the fluff.

      It takes a system or you will be out of control and spending way to much money.

      I spend maybe an hour setting a campaign up with 1000 or more keywords and about 20 minutes each day managing it. Or outsource the managing.

      Hope this helped someone!
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