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I have more 100 blogs than 7 pages in my blogger websites! I have a doubt for page or blog is better?

Is page more traffic than blog?
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    I don't get your query. What do you mean by '100 blogs than 7 pages'?? Please explain it.
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    Not sure what do you mean, but if you are talking about blog pages then I think ofcourse blog will bring better traffic. But thats just silly to explain i think because a blog contain many pages and a page is just a page right? :S

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    Hi Kasmanishafi,

    The blog posts are going to bring you more traffic since about 80% of searches are informational. People do research before they buy or sign up for something.

    Your pages are better for targeted traffic from ads, guest posts, etc. They're typically used for getting someone's email address or phone number, depending on the type of leads your online business prefers.

    Even a page like your About Me section should have some sort of "opt-in," a field where someone can enter the information so you can market to them in the future.

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    Blogs and landing pages are both web content. The major difference between them is that blogs are often dated, long-form content designed to educate, inform, or solve a problem while landing pages are static, evergreen content made to stand the test of time and call viewers to action. A blog leads the visitor along the path marked on your map; the landing page is the end destination or X.
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