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Howdy--I'm trying to figure out how to use SEO alone to register for longtail keywords. I used this for this here.

Basically, I'm currently trying to learn how to rank first page on longtail keyword searches for blog posts from Here's the first post I tried to SEO effectively for the phrase, "Solo shot first."

I "pinged" it on Pingler, but it's not showing up, yet. I'm trying to master SEO, for blog posts, and can then proceed to social media, but I need to understand how to do it effectively.

There doesn't seem much competition for the phrase in question, but still don't seem well ranked.

Why? Oh, and I'm using SEO Yoast, by the way. And, I couldn't seem to include Images, effectively.

Basically, what do I need to learn to master SEOing blog posts for Wordpress? I'm trying to figure out how; Keyword Planner seems kinda erratic, but I think I'm learning how to use it. What am I doing wrong?
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