How many incoming links to safley build each month without getting penalization?

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How many links should be built each month from articles with links inside? I want to increase incoming links, but don't want to trigger a penalization, either. So, what's the magical number?
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    From what Google reps have said publicly, it's not the number of links. It's the quality. Consider two different scenarios...

    1. You write an article, and it's picked up by a news service, who syndicates it to 100 local news or TV outlets. You end up with 100 links in 24 hours.

    2. You write an article and use a bot to submit it to 100 auto-accept "article directories" containing thousands of junk articles submitted for links by other peoples' bots. You end up with 100 links in a few minutes.

    Which do you think the search algorithm will reward, and which will raise a red flag?

    You want to get as many valuable, legitimate links as you can, regardless of how fast they come. You want to avoid spammy, scammy and otherwise unsavory links at any time.
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    FYI - There is a Forum dedicated to SEO topics.....
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  • I agree. Most algorithm changes especially Google are all about quality. Better post something useful and informative than quick and easy links which at this moment might not be a reason to penalize you, but with incoming algorithm changes, might cause you harm in the future.
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