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Hello, I am starting my carreer on internet marketing and I made an affiliate video on Youtube for a high competitive keyword. My video does not rank well at all and I need advice in what to do in order to make it rank better. Which one do you think is more important for Youtube algorithm: social signs or embeds?
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    If you spend any time at all searching in Google, you’ve probably noticed YouTube videos dominating the first page.
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      Originally Posted by LuckyLocksmiths View Post

      If you spend any time at all searching in Google, you've probably noticed YouTube videos dominating the first page.

      Yet you're here stuffing locksmith keywords in nofollow forum sig. links.
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    Retention views + watched time. This is what important for Youtube algorithm.
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    Share your video in different video sites that will generate traffic and going to help you in promoting your video.
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    The video must specially designed for your target audience and it contains new as well as interesting content in which will benefit the users. The video regularly engage with the people and shared with other networks. Use different platforms to widen the influence of your video.
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    Get traffic to your video ,likes views subscribe more and more.
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    First you have to think mostly what the audience are looking for, use funny images and quotes to make a video.
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    Things involve in Ranking videos in YT

    Title -Good & attractive Title use long tail keyword in it...
    Description _ add your website title in the video... Yt video bot reads the adding url in the video is good

    Good amount of high retention yt views and likes... The. More you get the better you rannk all these help in ranking a video
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    what niche are you pursuing bro ?
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    After doing proper onpage SEO of youtube video send it to socialbookmark websites, buy high retention views and share it on a lot of social sharing websites. Then gradually build web 2 backlinks, submit press release and build PBN backlinks. It will surely boost your ranking. Please make sure PBN backlinks should be further boosted by Tier2 backlinks.
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    Share and promote your video in Social Media's, that will help to get more views to your video, if you get more views, result is your are in top. Also put correct title and description for your video.

    Mathavan K
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    This is what i use:

    Video Title
    Call To Action

    Description of your video

    Related keywords that are also in your description
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    Those video Is must be high quality ....the title is to be Awesome ,,,,,,,,if anybody benifit from your video than share others Social pleace ......
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    Besides all the good stuff that's already been shared (Content is what viewer needs/wants, is engaging, video optimization, CTA's via annotations, backlinking, etc,etc.,) I'll add one additional thing.


    Google it 2 use it! :-)

    "Whether you think you can or'll always be 100% right!" |

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    Write proper description of your video, add call to action, use right keywords and tags and share on different social networks.
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    It greatly depends on viewer retention now. So you need the person the watch the entire video. IMO you should always create a quality video anyway. Because you want the viewer to reach your call to action. If they don't see that then there's not much point.

    Comments likes etc still have a part to play but not as much as before. You can use automation or services. But one way is just ask people to comment.

    In everything now video marketing, social media marketing, hell even seo. It is all about engagement.

    So start focusing on quality videos.
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