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I am putting together some affiliate marketing sites and I am getting hung up on SEO. I managed to build a couple of WP websites, add plug-ins, register w web masters, and design the sites and write the content. I've also created some social media profiles to run parallel. I’ve also tried to follow the guidelines & put forth for the categories and tags to the best of my ability.
Where I am stuck;
Site A is more long term driven with the idea that it will be rich in content and be a long-term winner because it will be done right and on subjects I am passionate about.This is my baby that I do not want to compromise in any way.
Site B..(and others that are coming soon) is going to be only a landing page for one product ( likely a clickbank product). If this one fails it's far more "disposable" so it is for learning and trying to succeed at affiliate marketing.The reason I'm running two types concurrently is to learn the ropes with the one-page ads to get a feel for the entire process from a cold start. Then I will apply what I've learned to my baby, so to speak.
I want to do the whole process myself if possible, some of the SEO just seems a bit out of my ability right now.
Building these WP sites and what I’ve done up to this point is the most tinkering with html I’ve ever done so needless to say, I am not familiar with these things. I can follow directions but what I really am looking for is the good communicators and instruction on youtube on the subject of initial SEO .
My other option is to hire it out on fiverr, but 5 bucks is about all I have in my budget and what are they possibly going to do for only 5 dollars? Possibly that is the best option and will save me time. Does anyone recommend that course of action?
Any up to date down and dirty step by step guides for setting up my SEO the best I possibly can in the context of being a brand new site with no audience as of yet. I’m building this thing from the ground up so I am only looking for what is relevant to my position and fundamental in that I don’t miss any steps.
I have to go back to my real job soon and I want this as set up as possible on auto pilot at which point I can just do basic maintenance sharing and promoting every week . I understand the odds are not in my favour for fast conversions considering I am starting from scratch so my concern is just doing everything right. Due diligence and a good foundation to build upon.

Other question for the pros...for a couple of weeks into this I making sense? Are my assessments & expectations where they should be?

Any recommendations for quality, free instruction on basic SEO setup would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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    you know we have a SEO forum? asked the mods through the help desk to move this for you get better answers
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    Hi Capo,

    I would be very careful with how you go about doing SEO. STAY AWAY from fiverr right now! The promise of thousands of links for $5 is too good to be true and will only get your site removed from google SERPS. I recommend learning basic SEO and building your links by hand and then maybe outsourcing SEO work once you understand what works and is safe for your site. I can't tell you how many times I have paid for a SEO service that was too good to be true and ended up not only losing my investment, but also getting my site removed from google and having to start over.

    Here is a video that explains some helpful beginner SEO you could do

    Don't get overwhelmed thinking you need hundreds or thousands of links! In most cases, when you are promoting your site, you are also doing SEO.

    Some examples of what you could do:
    • Post on niche related forums
    • Post on sites like reddit
    • Post blog comments on niche related sites
    • Sharing your site on social sites
    • Reaching out to other sites asking them to post your article and link
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      thank you, this is helpful!
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    Hi Capo,

    It can be a real struggle trying to set up everything by yourself. SEO can be quite tricky as well as you need to be consistent in your blog post, writing more blog post and trying to rank in the 1st page of google.

    If you are interested, I am in an Affiliate Marketing company which has a done for you system. All you need is to drive traffic to the offer thats all.You will be given a personal 1-1 coach, the 7-steps system which allows you to make high ticket sales and marketing tools to help you, such as the landing page, sales page, videos, etc.

    You do not need to start from scratch like what you are doing right now. everything is taken care for you. Website is not a must but if you choose to have you own website, even blog post are written and as an affiliate you will be able to use those blogs in your website. Most people who are starting off uses the company's funnel and slowly build theirs when their commissions are stable.

    I know it can be a struggle for you especially when you are starting you job soon, i been there too. Like you mentioned, you need an autopilot system but based on what i see it's not really autopilot as you need to struggle from scratch.

    The whole sales funnel is built for you so you can put your worries aside about being less tech just like me hahahaha. WP & SEOs drive me nuts!

    If you are interested we can have a chat. PM me.
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      Yes, I absolutely see the value in your product but the real value as, you already know is in knowing the information. Self-taught education is the best. That's what I am after. Once I know it, I can scale it. thanks for the info and your offer.
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