How To Bring Website Back Up Googles ranking?

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I had a website about 10 months ago that was on the first page on a few keywords and then just disappeared.

How is the best way to get this back?

Is it to just keep building links?

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    Google like sites that update regularly with useful information.I recommend updating the site with more information and building links to it.Some of the best ways to build links is to do blog commenting (in the same niche) and using forums.
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    I have updated the site and building new backlinks so fingers crossed.


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      Originally Posted by newbie99 View Post

      I have updated the site and building new backlinks so fingers crossed.


      You should be moving up the pages with a good amount of backlinks, you should also work on keywords
      I wish you all the luck with getting your site back at the top
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    Age, fresh content, keyword optimization of incoming links and pages

    Those are the things Google looks for. I have a site that is 13 years old and after about a year, it has stayed on page one for all of the keywords I optimized for.

    If you can do really well on 2 out of 3 of the things, the other one won't matter quite as much.

    do a search on Condo Buckhead GA

    Result 4 is a site one of my mentees put up 2 months ago. It took about a week to hit page one but then it bounced around a bit for the next few weeks. After about a month and a half, it stuck.

    Go through the site and notice the titles for each post and also how each article was retitled for the keyword.

    Oh - by the way - its a free blogspot blog :-)

    Hope this helps
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    Don't just build links - Build good links with varying anchor text and varying keywords

    you might have been dropped because you kept doing the same anchor text
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