Can Tier 2 links hurt your main site?

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A quick question. If you have quality tier 1 links pointing to your site and tier 2 pointing to tier 1. Is it possible to harm you site if one of your tier 1 links has over linking from tier 2?
Or will it simply diminish the effectiveness of the tier 1 link...
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    Yes, this could hurt your main site. Too many spam tier 2 links will eventually turn the tier 1 link into spam and google will see spam links going to your site. If you have a large high quality link portfolio, this 1 bad link shouldn't hurt, but do this too much and your site will get penalized.
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    Avoid tiered backlinking and start earn authoritative links as it would last for long-term.
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      When you earn 'authoritative links' you get involved in tiered links. Or, by authoritative links you mean only links from webpages on sites that have no backlinks?

      Let me make it extra clear. Say I have a site about dermatology with an article about how good skin and good teeth go together.

      Say a dentist 3 counties away likes my article and links to it to from an article of hers that's about no-pain root canal dentistry.

      Say a car mechanic in LaJolla links to the dentist's article in an article of his that's about how his car repairs are less painful than even painless root canals.

      What did you end up with?

      Things like that happen. Real estate people link, now and again, to my mortgage or appraisal articles. Some of them, not that many, percentage-wise, have backlinks to the page that's linking to mine.

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      Avoid tiered backlinking and start earn authoritative links as it would last for long-term.
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    Thanks guys. This answers my question
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      Originally Posted by 3gelaniche View Post

      No that does hurt. But its good to not get that backlinks. Focus for High PR Backlinks.
      Does the PR factor not to be used anymore by GG, right?

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    no its very helpful thing
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    Are you people for real, or do you just play humans on TV?

    Tier-whatever-the-frick has nothing to with squat.

    Hurt your site? How so? Hurt your links? How insane.

    Tier link building is as real as a unicorn.

    Yes, I know. Many of of you will swear that you have seen one!

    No real SEO person will even mention such nonsense.

    If you actually thought about it, you would know why.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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