Leaving Comments On Any Site Help SEO?

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Was wondering about the whole leaving comments with a link back to your site and how it helps SEO.

Does leaving a link only do good if the comment is part of the WordPress comment system?

For example if a news site ( my local FOX news website) allows comments on their posts but they use Disqus or the FaceBook comment plugin, if I reply and leave a link back to my site or pages will that help my SEO?

I want to be sure before I dedicate time to commenting on things and make sure it will actually help.
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    Comments are not a huge help with SEO anymore, although comment links from a niche related site that isn't spam will still give your site some benefit with SEO.

    Most disqus pages will require approval when you leave a link and most of the time won't be approved, so it can be a huge waste of time. Find websites that have a comment that allows you to link website with your name.
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    Yah I didn't mean just commenting to comment, I meant commenting and leaving a link back to my site.

    At the very least it may get me some traffic, but I was really just wondering if it is worth spending an hour a day commenting to help with SEO to the pages that I leave links to.
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      Originally Posted by Alexbrightdog View Post

      but I was really just wondering if it is worth spending an hour a day commenting to help with SEO to the pages that I leave links to.
      In a word no, for anything other than traffic, your time would be better spent on other link building methods, most Wp comments sections carry the rel=nofollow tag, thus they will not help your SEO or rank anything at all.

      Try your hand at guest posting on decent sites, for some contextual links in the main content area, having first checked they are 'followed' links

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    I wouldn't spend all my time commenting on blogs and forums with a link back to your site, but I would spend a few hours a week. Also, I would stick to a handful of sites that are ranked high in the search engines. There are many tools that can source this out for you. The one I use regularly is webfire. It finds forums and blogs that you can leave comments on, AND are already ranking on page one of Google for your keyword(s). From there you can either copy and paste a comment, or type a new comment each time. If there are sites that use disqus and you don't want to deal with that, you can just avoid those sites.

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    Leaving comments on blogs is an old-school search engine optimization technique…but is it still effective in this social media world, where most of the conversation has moved off the blogs and onto Facebook or Twitter?

    Source: quicksprout.com
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    Actually no!

    They don't help anymore in building links. Although there are still many websites who give a do-follow backlink in the comments, but its risky.

    If you want to build connections with other bloggers, then blog commenting is great.

    As someone said, comments is an old-school method of SEO and it doesn't work well these days.
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    As all says in above answers blog commenting don't help anymore in seo, i think blog commenting still helping in seo, if we do commenting on relevant blog some blogs give dofollow backlink by doing so you can get traffic and ranked your website.
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    Comments don't really work well. You should find some better way to do it. It's not your best option.
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    Leaving a good comment after having read the content in a relevant site still work. But spamming your link all over the place with your link will give you scrap result
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    Leaving Comments On Any Site Help SEO?
    Here's a secret, don't tell anyone.

    Google could care less what you call the link (blog comment link, etc...).

    Either it's a followed link or it's not. Pick one.
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