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The Beautiful and functional website is not only what users look for. If you really want to achieve the benefits of user's online presence, you have to come up with an SEO-friendly website design. So that, it may target different kinds of search; including image search, local search, and video search, and so on. It is important to optimize a web page for a marketer while complying with every single Google system update. Doing all this, however, is a tricky thing; and this is what this article is all about. Following are some of the tips which you can follow to make your web page SEO-friendly.

Unique Content
Optimization is effective only if the content is good and unique. Along with that, the content must be comprehensible and understandable. Do not link every page with each other. You must have the vision to write the content for a visitor but not for the search engine only.

Highlight Informative Content
Highlight the important content of the web page to make it more prominent. Use strong tags as well, but do not overuse them; otherwise, the content will lose its worth.

Keyword Placement
The use of keywords must be wise as they constitute the most important part of your SEO Campaign. The prospective customers will not find you if you use wrong keywords. To place a right keyword, make up a list of potential keywords and check them by using keyword research tool.Finalize your keywords based on the result given by research tool and then launch them. Do not forget to place the keywords at the right place on the page.

URLs and Filenames
If the URL is SEO-optimized, it means that the search engine will identify your web page quickly. Add keywords in the URL because it will help to upsurge the search engine's perceptibility.
If you have images on your web page, name it by a descriptive keyword. For instance, if you name a file saying "abcd.jpg" then it will be worth nothing, but if you say "antique-furniture.jpg," then it makes sense and will be a successful approach to get highlighted by the search engine.

Add Your Post to Social Media
Don't forget to make social media a part of your SEO strategy, as it will not only help you a lot in interacting and building your brand but will also help you to gain credibility. Link building will be the best thing to jump on the social media bandwagon.

Adopt Responsive Design
Use the design which is readable and understandable on any device. The site format and layout must remain same on any device. The responsive design creates one URL, which will ultimately help your SEO. The SEO power gained by any inbound link will be centralized; assisting the Google and other search engines in bettering your SEO rank.

Meta Optimization
Meta optimization is of great importance as it helps the user to know whether the data is useful for him or not. The title tag is one of the important Meta tags which are useful to give a primary title to a page to help the user, and it also helps SEO to rank your page.

These are few tricks which you may use to make your page SEO Friendly, and they will surely assist you to improve the SEO ranking of your web page.
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    I totally agree thta unique content playing a very important role in this process, because content is the king! And soical media is very popular nowadays, so we should always pay attention to it!
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