Stupid SEO, increased AdSense earnings, and thanks Tommy Gadget!

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So about four months ago, I built a blogger blog for some experiment I was doing, I don't even remember what, and I put Adsense on it and forgot about it. Then a couple of weeks ago, I logged in to that Adsense account for something, and found that I had about $59.00 in there... well.. go figure.. maybe I oughtta put analytics on it, huh? So I put Ananlytics on it and I decide to try a different Adsense format.

For the first two weeks since the change, I made a couple bucks a day.

Suddenly, I'm making $5.00 a day, then $10.00 a day....

So I go check Analytics to see where this traffic is coming from and I find out some pretty interesting, and confusing, things.

First off, I'm not even getting a lot of traffic... so I guess the layout is working (Thank You Tommy Gadget)

But what's WEIRD... is that even though almost all of my traffic is from natural organic search engine traffic, the phrases that people are using to find this site, are phrases I didn't even optimize it for.

Go figure!

Warmest Regards,
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