How to Do Effective SEO in Just 10 Minutes a Day

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SEO should be an ongoing consideration for your website. These tips will take about 10 minutes a day and will help keep your rankings high in search results. We have put together 19 tips, but most of them are not for beginners. The list is for people who already have a decent grasp on SEO for their site. Let's get started.

1. Review NAP

Your name, address, and phone number should be exactly the same wherever it appears on the web. In other words, you should not use "St" in one place and "Street" in another. Review your website, social media platforms, and directory listings, and make changes as necessary.

2. Boost Pages on Page 2

Identify a page or two that currently appears on page 2 of Google's search results for its keyword. Create two or three internal links on other pages on your site pointing to these pages. It will give them a boost and might even bump them up to page 1.

3. Check Keywords

You might do this regularly, but if not, it is worth checking again to make sure you are still targeting the right ones. Search patterns change, so you might find some that need more work.

4. Find Broken Links on Wikipedia

Do a search in Google that looks something like this:

[Your keyword] + "dead link"

This will return pages on Wikipedia related to your keyword that have dead links in the referenced websites.

If you already have content that can replace this you can change the link, but if not you can work it into your content creation schedule and replace the link once it is complete.

5. Find Other Sites That Linked to the Wikipedia Broken Link

If Wikipedia linked to the web page, it is reasonable to think that other websites would have too. Put the URL of the dead link into Majestic SEO's backlink checker. You can contact the websites it returns to tell them about the potential broken link on their site and how you have a page that could replace it.

6. Rewrite Your Social Media Profiles

When was the last time you checked your social media profiles? Do they have relevant links back to your website, and are they SEO optimised? Spend 10 minutes checking.

7. Update an Existing Page

Find a page you published over a year ago that performed well. Update the content with new information, and share it again.

8. Come Up With New Blog Ideas

One of the hardest parts of blogging is coming up with blog topics. In fact, it is one of the reasons blogging often gets pushed down the list of priorities. Spend 10 minutes putting together a list of five to ten potential topics so the next time you have time to write, you can just start writing.

9. Copy AdWords

Do a Google search for the five most important keywords on your site. Look at the AdWords listings that appear on the results, and note down the keywords and calls to action that are used. Many of these will have been tested, so it is a good idea to update your site with them if required.

10. Rework Key Elements of Poor Blog Posts

Identify the three blog posts on your site published in the last 18 months that have attracted the least amount of traffic. Go into each one of them and change the headlines, meta description, header tags, and title tag.

11. Check Outbound Links

Go to your three best performing blog posts published in the last 18 months, and make sure there are at least three links to high quality, highly relevant external websites.

12. Check for Broken Links

Search your website to find broken links, and fix them. A good tool you can use is Online Broken Link Checker.

13. Update Your YouTube Descriptions

Do you publish videos on YouTube? Are all the descriptions for those videos at least 200 words, and do they contain keywords? If not, you should change this. You could do one 200-word description for a video in about 10 minutes.

Just look at this YouTube description for a video posted by Brian Dean from Backlinko.

14. Review Sites That Are Beating You

Select a crucial keyword that you are not currently ranking number one for. Enter it into Google, and review the sites that are ranking higher than you. Is there anything you can improve based on what you see on their pages?

15. Research Pages 5 - 10 in Google

Pick a crucial keyword for your website, and go to pages 5-10 on Google for that search. Browse through the website to find a page published two-plus years ago that may be slipping down the rankings. What you are looking for is a page that has lots of links. If you think you can produce better and updated content on the topic, put it in your content creation schedule, and note down the websites that linked to the original - you should reach out to them once yours is complete.

16. Directory Listing

Find a local or industry-related directory that you don’t have a listing on yet, and get your website listed.

17. View Your Website Like a Customer

This is particularly useful if you sell products on your website. It involves going through the process as if you are the customer - finding your website in Google, browsing through your products, adding them to the cart, and going through the checkout. Is it easy, intuitive, and quick? If not, change it.

18. Check Reviews

Check all the major review websites for reviews of your business. You should claim any not yet claimed and respond to the reviews, even if they are negative.

19. Review Duplicate Page Titles

As your website gets bigger, it is easy to end up with duplicate page title elements. This is not good for SEO. Spend 10 minutes checking your site, and fix any duplicates.

You should be able to repeat most of these on a regular basis, spending 10 minutes on each of them at a time. The cumulative effect over time is that you will have better search engine rankings.
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    I perused all the tips you shared through your post and I realized that this information can be really helpful for me. I am going to repeat most of your tips on a regular basis and I hope that it will provide me with an opportunity to have better search engine rankings. Thank you for sharing.
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    Question about #11.... why?

    And why 3?
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      Isn't it obvious? It's something you can do. What? You let the use of the word effective make you think he's gonna talk about effective all the way?

      Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

      Question about #11.... why?

      And why 3?
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  • Impressive list of SEO.
    These tips can only come from experience.
    Well done.
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    Nicely Information Share with Us, You are a Great men ..
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    Thank you a lot for sharing these useful tips! I hope that these advices will help many people to cope with their tasks!
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    Very nice listing .I just want to add "infographics promotion".It is latest and effective seo off page technique for get quick and better results.
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      Originally Posted by ignaciosports View Post

      Very nice listing .I just want to add "infographics promotion".It is latest and effective seo off page technique for get quick and better results.
      I use infographics a lot. It just takes time to make. Currently I am trying out the youzign software. So far so good.
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    Move on to off-page SEO including link building and making connections.

    Keywords: Is your title really SEO friendly? Not if it does not include at least one keyword. Note, however, that the addition of a keyword should NEVER come at the expense of getting the reader’s attention.
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      Originally Posted by AkashBorah View Post

      Move on to off-page SEO including link building and making connections.

      Keywords: Is your title really SEO friendly? Not if it does not include at least one keyword. Note, however, that the addition of a keyword should NEVER come at the expense of getting the reader's attention.
      Keywords play a role but the question most blog owners forget is the part about readers. If we don't grab their attention, then at the end of the day, they won't stay on our blog for long.
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  • Try to invest 10 minutes daily on Google+ communities with some related #tags it will give you boost in ranking + traffic.
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    Thanks, you have described great list. This is a very important listing about daily task of SEO. but i want to ask you one thing that you have shared in your list about list no.15. Research Pages 5 - 10 in Google.... why you have suggested this technique and what we will have benefit for this in future.
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    Work on the ON Page of your website and try to fulfill all the requirements of Google. If you work properly on your website's ON Page, you'll surely get a top rank in Google search engine quickly. It's true. Try it
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    Thanks for the information and i dont know how to post wikipedia dead links, can i give the link to existing post or i need to create new one. If i use my link in old post, they will easily find out and remove my links.
    what is the benefits?
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    I just follow these simple steps.

    write quality content
    Post it
    Bookmark it for indexing
    Forum participation

    These steps definitely improve ranking.
    Thank you for share.
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