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Hey guys,

I have been told by lots of bloggers that this is the place to go for help with all things $ on the internet.

I have started a blog about disc golf...a sport that has a small but intense following. It is growing quickly around the country and I thought this would be a great niche to get into.

I am on the front page of a few google searches, like "disc golf blog" yet I am having trouble generating revenue from my ad sense or my amazon affiliation.

Could anyone take a look and give me some opinions/critiques of my blog?


discgolftraveler .com (no spaces)
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    Let's say I'm interested in the Discraft Avenger SS.

    Well, first of all, I'm not likely to find info about it on your site when I Google it because your permalinks are using the WordPress default. You need the keywords in your URL.

    Next, lets say I go to that page for some reason because I started searching on page 10 of Google. There's that big picture of exactly what I want. I notice it's not clickable although you do have a buying link at the end of the article. Make the picture clickable to go to Amazon.

    You have too many ads on the page. To many ads create user confusion and hesitancy and look a bit spammy/desperate, often resulting in a back button click. Concentrate on making one ad the star of the show and drop the extra stuff.

    This isn't a good niche topic for Adsense. I'd guess that the click payouts are about 10-20 cents on average. You'll do much better concentrating on Amazon or other product oriented affiliate offers.

    Your text is just right for a niche marketing blog. Its relevant and is a good length with good keyword usage but not all that informative and doesn't read all that smoothly. This is the kind of text that will encourage ad clicks but will also be good enough to pass a visual inspection.
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      The goal of using a blog for a $ genarting site is - they need to be setup for seo optimization and wordpress has many great tools - features and plugins to assist in accomplishing this. But you need to study up on them, as you're not utilizing it.

      As bgmacaw stated ... one such feature is your url seo structure is hurting - not helping you.

      this url http://abc.discgolftraveler.xxx/?p=236

      [obvious letters removed so the forum doesnt convert the url ]

      It should look like this ...


      or ...


      actually you may want to rething your blog post titles to feature your keywords first as well, like so ....


      In word press, you need to go into the admin section

      Dashboard | Settings | Permalinks ... I choose Custom Structure Option and type in the following in the space provided.


      Do you have a google site map generator plug in installed? Im using this one:

      Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

      [ Note his url structure on his blog ;-) ]

      But truly ... before you optimize your site via off-siteseo methods - you need to first do keyword research to find out what your potential marketplace is using google to search for. What is you target market searching for? What keyword phrases or "longtail keywords" as they are called is your potential customers actually typing into the google search box?

      From there you can then re-optimize your site to glean that traffic by being ranked in google for those valued keyword phrases.

      I rank page 1 #1 for Insurance Referral System, and have 5 of 10 spots - only problem is - search volume by real users/buyers is almost NON Existent. So ... whats the point of that?

      Be found for what people are looking for [ actually searching for in google ]

      Once armed with your long tail keyword phrases then you can complete your onsite seo optimization and more importantly - your OFFSITE SEO work, which will ultimately bring you better rankings than what you could likely gain by ON-Page seo.

      - backlinking
      - list building
      - joint venture mailings
      - ad-swaps
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    Great tips. I will make some adjustments and see what happens.

    Thank you very much for your input
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    Hi Ron,

    You've got a very nice Blog there.

    Yes, you should definitely optimize your blog a little and start to build backlinks.

    Also, you should create an adwords account, if you don't already have one, so that you can see which keywords are higher paying. You can then start to build content around those higher paying keywords.

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