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I got this email today from this forum claiming "he could teach you a secret traffic method ofhow to get tens of thousands of people to your website for as little as £15!".

Is this any good or scam please?

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    Originally Posted by mikehende View Post

    I got this email today from this forum claiming "he could teach you a secret traffic method ofhow to get tens of thousands of people to your website for as little as £15!".

    Is this any good or scam please?
    Just the look of the page sent my BS detectors into overdrive.

    No, the video showed 1003 CLICKS for £15

    A click is not necessarily a real person, and if it is they are not going to buy anything, because they are too busy earning money by clicking on webistes.

    Anyone can get 'tens of thousands' of clicks for very little from umpteen traffic-getting sites.
    These traffic sources are shite, save your money or use proper ad platforms.

    If the Manc in the video could get 1003 proper leads, why would he sell them to someone else for 15 quid?

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    They have been banner advertising here on WarriorForum for quite a while but using a different URL (onlinebusinessystem.com - at least on the top banner I just clicked). The email I got from WF today was to a leadseven.com URL but the same info as your link & the URL I just stated.

    I assume there are numerous forum members that have purchased whatever system they are selling as they keep spending money here banner advertising & looks like they somehow paid WF to send their email as well.

    "Paul Lynch" is the name behind it according to YouTube video & email we got. He also is a member here - "PaulLynch"
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    Currently there are only two ways - as far I know - to get clicks for pennies.

    1. Using ptc sites

    Paid to click sites are sites that pay their members from 0.001 - 0.02 cents to watch advertisements for a pre-set amount of time - usually five to sixty seconds. I bought many times traffic from a particular ptc site with great results. Of course my landing page was on the make money online niche (obviously the people who click on these advertisements want to make money online ) I've written a case study on my blog about this in case you want to read it.

    2. Using Facebook and targeting Pakistan, India & Philippines

    By promoting your offers or services through Facebook to Pakistan,India or Philippines, you will get 1 cent clicks to your site,page,offer. The reason is because the people in these countries are poor and so targeting them is really cheap.

    Now. If anyone knows something that I don't know, then let him speak up.

    What this guy promotes doesn't seem very legit to me. I've seen his landing page my self and I have to say is kind of .... bad..
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    It has to be automated. You're simply not going to be able to generate those guaranteed clicks for that much money otherwise.

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    Well I should have paid attention to the video better. I can see it appears to be Facebook ads & targeting US, Canada, UK & Australia. Here's my best conclusion on how it is done based on my experience & no it likely isn't a scam -

    It is using the "boost post" feature on a Facebook page. This would have to be a post that others will be likely to like, click on the link & share with others. This is how your costs go down because you are only paying for views to your target market - the organic views are free. In the case shown on the video you can see "paid reach" was for showing the post to 15,023 people which resulted in 1040 actions. What isn't shown is the organic reach.

    Here is an example of mine on a "boosted post" I did for a product that was for sale but also easy to reach a target fan market.

    - I targeted women, ages 18 - 65+ who lived in the US with one "interest"
    - I spent $49.98
    - Paid reach was 20,966
    - 1,881 actions were done (468 link clicks, 93 page likes, 1011 post likes, 254 shares)

    - my organic reach was 16,591 (no cost post views from people sharing)

    Looking in my ad manager I see my Per Post Engagement at 3 cents. I remember watching that cost per engagement lower as time went by. It was a time sensitive boosted post I did. I'm sure I would have been able to get my organic reach to be greater than paid reach.

    Anyway - the key is to boost a post that others will "want to share" with others plus will get people to click to get to your website promoted on your post. The viral effect drives down your cost as organic traffic increases. I'm sure the market you target by "interests" also varies on how much you will spend on "paid reach". In addition - my product was for sale so a "desirable" free gift offer with a possible share incentive could indeed get that cost down to a 1-2 cents per click. I'm sure methods/sample ideas are shown in his package. My guess it is a turnkey package to resell this system is done for people as it seems that others are selling the same system which explains the multiple URLs (translation - an upsell for resell rights).

    Anyway my post actually got my lazy ass mind in motion again for the moment. Ha!
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    Hey guys, you're kicking the tyres without driving the car! You have to take a look inside these things first. He has a plethora of useful tools inside his dashboard. I joined his site. You have to gamble a little in this business and if you can't gamble a buck, pretty fair on his part, what can you gamble? What he does is, shows you a legitimate way around getting banned from FB by not 'direct marketing' your product. He uses a case study of just 15 pounds and gets 1,006 clicks. Did he get any sales from the clicks? Who knows, but anyone will see that this is bound to amount to some sales, albeit small or large. If your profit on a product or service is $30 then you're still up and you've gained more exposure. I would think though that 1,006 would have converted by around 1.3%, meaning you would make about 13 sales, not bad if your profit is say, $30! He only asks a buck for the opportunity to show you and again, if 300 people pay in a week that's another $300 for leveraging for him. Sometimes, we can miss the small stuff by sweating the big stuff and it can be the small things that can make a difference to newbies on a low budget. Not a bad return, as he said, for just 15 pounds! You want one that's really kicking the dust out from under the tyres, literally, here it is! FREE TRAINING - ASPIRE
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