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Blogging and SEO are almost synonymous with each other. Every blogger out there is aware that if they want to gain an audience for their blog, it has to be SEO friendly. Without search engine optimization, a blog post can fail to acquire the attention of people and sometimes, get ignored altogether. Sometimes when a good blog post does not get the likes and following that is expected, it usually means that the blog needs to feature more SEO appropriate content.

Contrary to what most people think, SEO is actually something very interesting. It is easy to grasp, highly beneficial and helps you stand out in a very competitive market. Those bloggers, who are looking for quick success and aim to accumulate a large audience for their blogs, have to focus most of their efforts on SEO. This will not only improve the rankings of their blog posts in search engines but also make it popular in a short span of time.

There are certain aspects of search engine optimization that one needs to understand first. Just like the ever changing technology, SEO is also constantly undergoing change. With each passing day there are new developments, analytics and features that make it easier for people to optimize their blogs and content. In the past two years, there has already been an increase in the important of semantic SEO, additions within keyword research tools and many other updates.

This is why it has been recommended that you should always keep an eye out SEO related news. While initially it may sound confusing, but as you start following SEO related topics, you will realize how helpful it will prove to be.

As you search through on the internet, you may come across a number of different SEO related blogs. These blogs are an efficient way of keeping up to date with all the latest developments on this front. These SEO blogs inform readers about the regularly changing rules of optimization and even offer expert advice on SEO strategies.

Since there are a lot of these blogs available for users to look through, we have managed to narrow down a list of the best ones that are most informative and provide constant updates.

Search Engine Watch
This is perhaps one of the most interactive SEO blog that people will come across. It has a highly engaging, user friendly design that is also very easy to navigate. This blog always provides extensive information and news about every SEO related topic out there. Once you start following this, you will learn everything there is to know about SEO in no time.

Search Engine Land
It is literally the most popular SEO blog that one would find. People who follow it have found that this usually has all the information possible regarding search engine optimization. This blog is said to be the first on scene to break news about SEO related developments.

Search Engine Land also has a variety of articles on each topic and readers will find sufficient answers to all their questions here. The only drawback here is that the writers on this blog are more or less the same every day, and this at times may affect the quality of the content. Otherwise, this is the SEO blog that should be on the top of your list. It is updated multiple times each day, so rest assured, you will be immediately notified about any upgrades and new features.

Moz Blog
If you are a beginner in the world of blogging, this is the SEO blog that you must follow. It basically carries articles on 'how to' and 'what to', which prove to be highly useful for those who have just started to blog. The blog has been round since almost 2004, making it one of the oldest SEO blogs out there. It has the most informative and best guides for not only beginners but advanced bloggers as well. While one may not always find the latest news on this blog, there are quite a few popular topics discussed frequently which can help small businesses and individual bloggers.

Search Engine Journal
This SEO blog is not only informative, but also a lot of fun to navigate. You will come across a lot of videos, images and interesting topics related to SEO content. Like the other SEO blogs, this also updates news about SEO, but also has numerous articles on different topics. The blog encourages contributions from guest writers, so you will find completely varying point of views on every discussion thread. This makes everything all the more interesting and engaging.

SEO Book
As the name suggests, you can count on receiving highly informative advice and guidance on how to go about improving the SEO ranking of your blog. This SEO blog also boasts a lot of critical editorials and comments on the changing shifts in SEO related content.

Apart from this, one can look towards Google Analytics blog and KISSmetrics, which may not offer that much information but are very useful when it comes to statistics and testing your site for improvement. The official Goggle blog also posts regular updates on latest developments.

These were some of the best SEO blogs that can greatly help readers in optimizing their blog posts. Those who are still trying to get the hang of SEO will find easy to understand guidelines and expert advice that will enable them to understand SEO better. Remember that all of these blogs may not agree on the same idea. While some may be inclined towards tools like Google AdWords, others might find HubSpot or Yahoo much more user friendly.

You do not have to agree with one solution. Just go through all the different possibilities and expertise, and then try for yourself. Find out what most suits you when it comes to search engine rankings and keyword research tool. Some might find AdWord easy to use, while others may go for Moz or HubSpot. When it comes to optimization, one should always try to find the easiest and most convenient solution.
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    Ben Stein wrote the article...

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    Is that you Dan?

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    I think backlinko.com is a good site to learn about white hat SEO. Today, SEO should not be only techniques but marketing combination...
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      Originally Posted by Vinh Brad View Post

      I think backlinko.com is a good site to learn about white hat SEO. Today, SEO should not be only techniques but marketing combination...
      I have to second this. Brian Dean is really a cut above the rest, when it comes to implementing some advanced SEO stuff and the best part is that he shares his strategies in the form of simple case studies.
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    You need to follow Moz SEO blog for daily updates.
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    Great list, thanks for sharing.
    I follow Neil Patel on QuickSprout and his own blog.
    I read Problogger from time to time too.

    The 3 INSANELY Effective Methods To Achieve Your Goals, GO HERE.

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    I like SEO MOZ blog then any other SEO blog and I really like white board friday
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    My favorite blogs are SearchEnineLand and SEO Moz, I visit them daily almost to update the trends, news and many thing about the market.
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    What would you guys say the best 2016 Must Have SEO Checklist looks like?
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    search engine journal
    search engine watch
    marketing land
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    Among many blogs I follow these blogs search engine watch, marketing land, moz blogs etc for new updates, trendy news.
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    SEO Roundtable is the best blog for SEO learning
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    What Neil Patel can't teach you about SEO wouldn't be worth knowing. In my view, he's a genius in the ever-changing field!

    Follow him for blog titles like this:

    "How to generate 195,013 visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads:

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    Members who are with impressive numbers of thanked in Warrior Forum, follow them including Mike Anthony, yukon, sbucciarel, Kay King, discrat and many others......

    They are SEO gurus with great knowledge of SEO and internet marketing..... and the good thing is you can interact with them in doubts...... such learning experience you will not find anywhere else except for Warriorforum, believe me! And please use your own experience too.

    Coming soon!

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