No more page rank, which factors or metrics should i look for?

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If im not wrong page rank is no longer available for the public. So my question is why kind of factors such should i take in consideration now? (I am looking to 301 redirect my old domains to my new domain)

and speaking of 301 redirecting, is it advisable to redirect the old domains old posts to the posts of the new domain?(they have similar articles) or should i just redirect the old domain to the homepage of the new domain?
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    Domain and Page Authority are important now. PR was something totally useless even before a few years, but because of the fact a lot of people were selling links, they always say it was important.

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    You should be looking who is ranking in the search results

    I just look at the DA first if the number is too high I move on to different keywords or just go to another niche

    If I see low DA values then its time to see what type of content is ranking
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