Keywords go up, customers go down, why?

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Im doing seo and wonder why the keywords improve rankings however the number of customers go down, can anyone explain why considering that these keywords have attracted customers for a long time?
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    You are drawing conclusions too fast or with limited data.

    Is the ranking improvement increasing the number of visitors? Did you do something on you pages to please search engines but can piss of visitors?
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    May be customer are not getting what they need. If customer are visiting your website and being a non-returning once then surely they are not satisfied of what they see and what they get.
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    I really agree with adamjones36, if the customer is not happy from the services you are providing then definitely your customer will go down. Then it doesn't matter that your keyword is up or down, if customer is not satisfied then nothing will work. For this issue make sure that your website is giving good services to their customers. So that they will be happy and your business will grow.

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    I think if you have analyzed your visitors with the help of google analytics then you can find out which type of contents they liked and read for a long time. After that, you can plan and pick out the products which are also related to your user needs.
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    I guess there could be a couple of reasons..
    Could be the keywords are not targeted keywords at all..
    Or maybe your conversion is not working..

    You should tweat and try out more...

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