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I'm looking for tips and tricks to help build a websites ranks.

If you can, I'd like to just know how to do the work, and is good to help boost the rankings. I don't mind spending time or working hard, but I'm clueless when it comes to SEO right now. We went from page 1, to 12.

Thank you.
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    For website ranking you should to do SEO of your website(onpage & offpage)
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    Hello, try to get more information about SEO methods and strategys! You can use a lot of good ways to increase your web traffic and develop your business!
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    Here are some essential tips and tricks to build a websites rank:
    1. Technical SEO of your website.
    2. Content, keywords and internal links to make sure you have the best content you can possibly have that is relevant to your niche, the company and the keywords your visitors are searching for.
    3. Off-page and social media marketing to make sure your content get noticed.
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    Here I would like to share with you a list of tips which can help you to boost your website's rankings:
    - define your target audience;
    - create content for your target audience that is relevant to their common search queries;
    - ensure that your content matches your site description and keywords;
    - regularly update your website;
    - social networks can also help you to increase your website ranking;

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    On page should be properly.Don't over optimize the site.As of i know still all are saying content is king of king.Need to target your region audience. Regularly updater your website.
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    The only solution for you is learn SEO. As you mentioned you can work hard, get started right now.
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  • You need to follow 2 methods in SEO for your website ranking - On page and Off page. Both are interrelated to each other. On page activities means to make the Site SEO friendly and Off page activities includes to make backlinks.

    **On Page activities includes:

    1.Must-have unique content
    2.Updated Meta Title and Meta Tags
    3.Canonical issue
    4.301 redirect
    5.Image alt tags etc.

    **Off page activities include:

    1.Social bookmarking
    2.Blog Submission and commenting
    3.Link Building
    4.Forum Commenting
    6.Local Listing
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    Search-engine optimization (SEO) is no longer about sheer volume. It’s not about who’s been on the web the longest, who has the most inbound links, or even who has the biggest library of great content.
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    If you want to see your website first page of google then you should need to improve following taks.

    1. Content Development
    2. ON page optimization
    3. OFF page optimization
    4. Social Media Support.

    Could you please show me your website, then I will short analysis and send you a report with master working plan.

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    The most important factor for SEO these days is content. If the content isn't great, then no amount of tips and tricks will do you much good.

    So make sure the content is as good as it can be. Make sure there are at least 500 words on every page of the site (including the front page), and if possible get some good quality articles of 1,200 words or more (one 1,200 word article will be better for SEO, than 2 600 word articles, these days), such as on a blog, which is also good for SEO.

    Also, make very sure your website is Responsive . . . i.e. it automatically adjusts to every screen-size. Google will give you less traffic if your website doesn't work on mobile devices, and since more than half of internet access is on mobile devices these days, it certainly makes sense for human visitors too. This is really easy if you are using WordPress . . . just use a Responsive Theme (or a Responsive Plugin, if your Theme is not), and WordPress makes a lot of other SEO things easy too.

    Start with those basics, then keep learning

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    The best way to start SEO with this guide:
    You can learn the basic concept of SEO and apply for your website.
    For positive organic results you have to keep some patients and wait for some time.

    OpenXcell is rated as top Mobile App Development Company | iPhone App Development Company in India and USA.

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    For good result you have to do some quality work like
    - On-page SEO
    - Off-page SEO
    - Quality Content
    - Quality back-links, means from high page rank web site
    - More and more number of back-links.
    - Try to generate the do follow back-links more as compared to no-follow
    - No follow back-link percentage should not be more than 30 percent
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    It depends a lot of the niche your websites haves. What do you offer? Products? Services? Or just content?
    Anyways, no matter what your niche is you first of all need some good on-page SEO implementation. Make sure search engines understand what to rank you for. This means good content optimization and of course meta description and Title.
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    SEO technique used to optimize your website in order to improve position of website in search engine result.
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    Build your website ..with
    non spammy
    search engine favour
    strong content
    and density keyword.
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    Originally Posted by ComponY View Post

    I'm looking for tips and tricks to help build a websites ranks.

    If you can, I'd like to just know how to do the work, and is good to help boost the rankings. I don't mind spending time or working hard, but I'm clueless when it comes to SEO right now. We went from page 1, to 12.

    Thank you.
    I'll give you few information which might help you to get your desirable result

    Follow 100% white hat method

    Competitor Analysis

    NAP Consistency Check

    and more which you will find in Google
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    I learned some skills in this forum:
    * SEO onpage
    * SEO offpage
    * Social network
    * Blog
    * Forum..

    Welcome to industrial knives website at

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    you should get natural links from high DA sites.
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    Hello Friend if you want Rank in Google then you must follow this step
    Firstly you need quality of content then you hire or do it this factor
    ON page Optimization
    sitemap html
    google and other search engine submission
    meta tag image alt tag ...robot.txt this some tips then after you do backlink
    off page optimization
    social bookmarking
    article submission
    forum posting
    web 2.0 link
    wiki back link
    facebook and other social media marketing .... etc

    Thank you
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