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From SocialMediaToday, top 16 most effective search engine optimization tips

Marketers are always looking for ways to beef up their SEO plans and boost traffic yet search engines are getting smarter and smarter every day. The most important factor for an optimized website is site layout and architecture which should contain relevant keywords with proper title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and vice versa. Website design must also fulfill the requirements of user-experience and search engine friendliness. To track your website performance, Search Console by Google is your best option. For landing page performance, traffic changes and other SEO elements, Google Analytics is key. There are many other factors that need to be considered including content optimization, website speed, link building, image optimization and many more. With that said, here are sixteen key elements for Search Engine Optimization:

1. Site Layout and Architecture

The way your site is built has everything to do with boosting traffic and making the best of what it has to offer. The content should be clear and upfront and organized in a hierarchy. It is also important to avoid ads above the fold, keep Clear Navigation, and ensure you have SEO-friendly URLs.

2. Keyword Research

Using keywords is important to optimizing your SEO, but to know which ones to use, you need to conduct thorough research. Unfortunately, this can take ages. So it is important to choose your keywords wisely and only use one main keyword per page. If you're at a loss for ideas, you can also research into ones your competitors are using.

3. Title Tags

When it comes to title tags, ensure that you front load your keyword and add a brand at the end. It is also crucial to make it clickable, all the while avoiding unnecessary repetitions.

4. Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions should be concise- below 150 to 160 characters. Make sure to include the main focus keyword as soon as possible and avoid truncation.

5. Header Tags

For header tags, it's best to place a unique H1 tag on each page and use LSI keywords in H2 and H3.

6. The Content

For the main part part of your site- the content, ensure you focus on the main keyword in the first paragraph. Add internal and external links and concentrate on making the content reasonably long without sacrificing the quality.

7. User Experience

To enhance your user's' experience use scrollmaps software and heatmaps tracking. Those two coupled with friendly 404 pages and a low number of pop-ups are sure to increase traffic and repeat visitors.

8. Google Search Console

With Google Search Console (formerly known as Google webmaster tools) you can add internal links to 'higher impression' pages to help boost rankings.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you monitor traffic changes, landing and exit pages, as well as your bounce rate.

10. Site Speed

To increase your site speed and ensure that your website loads quickly on both desktop and mobile platforms, tools like Google Page Speed Insights can come in handy.

11. Image Optimisation

When it comes to image optimisation, compressing the image size is key. Using descriptive file names also play a role in its optimization.

12. Link Building

Build links only from high domain authority sites, follow competitors backlinks and use links within the content.

13. Social Media

Social media is a huge part of marketing and Search Engine Optimization, as such it is important to be active on social media to encourage sharing of your content.

14. Google Penalty Recovery

Use Google Penalty Recovery to remove thin content, disavow links, and check for hacks or inserted links.

15. Content Promotion

To promote your site's content you can find popular content in your niche and improve on or update it. Another method is email outreach.

16. General SEO Tips and Advice

When it comes down to Search Engine Optimization in general, it's important to be patient, avoid shady tactics and learn as much as you can. Follow these sixteen tips and your SEOs will change for the better.

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  • That's 30 seconds I am never getting back.....
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    That's really wonderful seo tips ,it will help newbie alot.
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    Originally Posted by Kake View Post

    5. Header Tags
    For header tags, it’s best to place a unique H1 tag on each page and use LSI keywords in H2 and H3.
    No such thing as a header tag. What does that say about you and the other 15?

    It means you are as clueless as the other people thanking you for this slop.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Originally Posted by paulgl View Post

      No such thing as a header tag. What does that say about you and the other 15?

      It means you are as clueless as the other people thanking you for this slop.

      This should clear things up for you:
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        Originally Posted by Kake View Post

        This should clear things up for you:
        If you or anyone else thinks that there is a header tag, you are sadly mistaken.

        It comes from not knowing a url from street sign.

        h1, h2, etc. are heading sizes.End of story.

        The <head> is a specific section of a websites html.

        I don't even have to read some woo-woo-nonsense to be able to say that IF they are saying there is a header tag, then they are as clueless as you are.

        You cannot quote a fool to prove a point.

        Oh but wait! I took the bait to see what clueless nonsense you are referencing. Even they say it's heading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    that's really common information without details, check it - SEO - is not links! Or what SEO specialsits to do
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    + read 12 effective SEO tips )) -
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    Google pays lots of attention to mobile version, adaptable design and https. For some reason, most users look for mobile version too, but nobody thinks whether it's user friendly.
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    Nice tips..But backlink is another great technique for SEO
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    What is the fascination with SEO wannabes trying to connect social to SEO?

    They've NEVER once proved any type of connection. Linking to some shitty SEO guru blog isn't proof.

    Just BS link spammers following the herd.
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    Hi Kake , Thank you for you tips, it was very use full for me. But one thing that is press realese or PR is important for off page seo , specialy for business website/ can you provide me some PR links? Thank you.
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    Here are few effective SEO tips:-

    Move your website to HTTPS to make it a secure site

    If you are an SEO and do not use HTTPS, you are completely wrong and you should feel bad for this. As you know the alphabet "S" in HTTPS stands for the security and if your URL leads along with HTTPS instead of HTTP, then your site is secure. Google requires you to move your website to HTTPS so strongly which they are at present providing a ranking boost up to the sites that are secure. You can see much sites on the internet that are featured with HTTPS, as you know in this online world data security matters a lot. So this is important for you to move your site to HTTPS.

    Add markup to your website is also very popular in the market; it is a kind of markup which you can insert into the code of your site. The most interesting thing about is that by using this you can notify Google which image on your website is your logo, where your videos are, where your reviews are, where you are located, what type of company you are and much more. According to Google, the helps your site rank improved in Google search. When this comes to SEO, there are a number of the essential items you should focus on. Ensure that you are including high-quality content and create back links. In addition to this, make sure that your site is fully secure and mobile ready. Also, this is very important to pursue normal SEO practices.
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    Your blog post is a H1 tag. What need you add an extra H1 tag in post content? Better add your focus keyword in H2 tag and another keywords i.e. long tail keywords in H3 tag.
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    Thanks for sharing your really helpful tips for SEO. These are really helpful and may help those newbies who are looking for ways to kick start their Search Engine Optimization campaigns for newly launched websites. Please also elaborate all the points mentioned here in this post separately one by one.
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    I want to say that you should add new content all th time. Sites that have new content added on a regular basis are seen as more reliable than sites that rarely do. This also helps you to increase the amount of relevant content on your site, which also improves your rankings.
    Also you should use proper anchor text fro interlinks. Don't use "here" or "there".
    You should also focus on search phrases, not single keywords, and put your location in your text to help you get found in local searches.
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