The Most Overlooked SEO Tactic That Is a Quick Win

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We all know that trying to SEO your website or blog is a good way to get some organic highly targeted traffic form the different search engines but the challenge is that the process can be very slow and painful. However i have found an SEO tactic that brings in traffic faster to your site that you can start using to day.

If you have video content, getting it ranked well into google results is often much simpler and less competitive than trying to rank your website. The tactic is to create mini videos on youtube and to create the longer length content on your site. The key is to create a clear "Call to Action" on your video that directs the user from the video to your site and make sure that your site adds additional supplemental value, relevant content or a superior experience for your visitors. Now let me try and put it in a step-by-step process...

Onsite SEO (Inside Youtube)
1. Create mini videos
2. Use keyword of whatever you are advertising in the title of video and if its a review of a product, include the word "review" in the title.
3. Make sure the video shows this title when uploading and not "Untitled"
4. Use keywords in the text if it is from a powerpoint or in the audio as google now has speech recognition when analyzing video
5. In the description box, add the complete URL with http reference at the beginning of your site/blog with http reference at the beginning so that its clickable
6. Tag the video using the Google suggest tool
7. Create a channel for each keyword and upload your videos
8. Use speech pad to transcribe the video and put this description box by copying ans pasting

Offsite SEO (External to Youtube)
1. Purchase a package at Traffic Planet to get quality backlinks to your video URL. Purchase 50% of links to your main keyword; 30% to tags; 10% to the, "click here" type of keywords; 10% if its a one channel keyword
2. Put same video on your site but using different title/description than the one you use on Youtube so as to avoid duplicate content in some sense which is bad SEO
3. Embed your video onto multiple video sites such as Vimeo, Netflix, Dailymotion etc.
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