How to get more traffic in my website

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Daily using Social network postings,chatting to get more traffic in my site.
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    Concentrate on content marketing also because if you share unique and information-rich content, it gives you huge amount of traffic. Share your written content on your social channels.
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    In order to get more traffic for your website, try to get social and link to high DA websites.
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    Are you putting blogs or fresh content on your website too? Wha sort of business are you running?
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    Make Your Content Irresistible
    All the promotion in the world won’t develop a thriving audience if your content sucks. Truly incredible content, products or services can be your best advertising tool. Everything you do online has to start with creating something incredible.

    2. Start Guest Blogging
    Before you say it, no true guest writing a blog is not dead, despite what you may have heard. Securing a guest post on a reputable site can increase blog traffic to your web-site and help build your brand into the deal.
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    Who doesn’t want to rank for terms like “credit cards” and “auto insurance,” right? Although those terms are lucrative, they are actually extremely difficult to rank for.
    On the other hand, long tail keywords are much less competitive, and they will drive the majority of your traffic.
    If you look at Quick Sprout, 91% of my search traffic comes from long tail phrases. And just like Quick Sprout’s, the majority of your search traffic comes from long tail traffic too.
    This doesn’t mean that I don’t rank for any head terms. It just means that I rank for more long tail phrases. You probably experience the same thing as most sites rank for dozens of head terms and hundreds, if not thousands, of long tail terms.
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    Submit fresh content on your website. Start fresh content marketing like blog posting, article posting and many more. also doing social media marketing for increase website traffic.
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    Do some guest posts on the good quality sites which are based on your niche that will bring you the good organic traffic and keep use of your social accounts to bring more real visitors to your blog.
    You can try with Facebook Ads and Twitter ads that are also helpful to bring more traffic to your blog.
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    Following and posting on social medial sites are the best idea to get traffic for website. You should try with FB, G+, LinkedIn, tumblr, Pinterest and many more. Always try to post engaging content with excellent image. Hope you'll get much more traffic in this way.
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    Looking into your profile I am considering you are talking about Hotel Industry.

    Firstly, if it is a new domain then I would suggest paid advertisement as shared by other fellow members as well. You can try ppc and remarketing as well.

    Talking of free traffic generation,
    I would say write interesting posts (around travel, restaurants and other interesting stuff). You can easily find a lot of interesting stuff to write about your niche. Then share them on social channels, add signature link in email and also do some blog commenting on relevant authority blogs which have good audience.

    There are many other countless ways to increase traffic, however your honest efforts are required. You can get many such guides to help you out here. Stumbled upon a few for you -

    14 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Hotel WebsiteBookingSuite Blog
    How to Increase Website Traffic

    Hope it helps.
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    Originally Posted by hotelsimply View Post

    Daily using Social network postings,chatting to get more traffic in my site.

    Buy a bus ticket to Albuquerque, when you get there ask for a guy named Francisco, tell him to put $20 on black and let it ride.
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    Originally Posted by hotelsimply View Post

    Daily using Social network postings,chatting to get more traffic in my site.
    There are so many ways to get traffic to your website, There are free methods and there are paid methods

    Free traffic does work but takes time and effort. Paid traffic is almost instant. My blog will give you some ideas to think about.

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    There are various ways to get traffic in your website, you can work on on page SEO, create internal links to new content add meta description. Starting guest blogging on a reputable site can also increase blog traffic to your website.

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    I am using social media on regular basis but i have not get any traffic from social media. i have doing regular posting sharing but i din't get any like traffic from social media.
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    You can increase traffic by doing SEO and SMO. In SEO please select proper keywords and promote it. In SMO face book, linkedin and twitter is good means for increasing traffic
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    Update your site daily. Make new original contents . Post new video, images and articles with interesting stuffs related to your niche.
    Use guest blogging and forum posting.
    Join G+ communities and FB and Yahoo groups.
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    Originally Posted by hotelsimply View Post

    Daily using Social network postings,chatting to get more traffic in my site.
    Ask yourself what you can offer that will interests people. By then you'll increase traffic on your site. If you are using social media now then that's a good start.

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    Try to know how to get more search engine traffic, There are a lot of value of search traffic rather than social traffic.
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    If you're in the hotel industry then you need to figure out how to do SEO for your thousands of pages (probably, I'm just guessing).

    You want to apply the minimum quality requirements on each page for Google to crawl (and index) and then build strong guest posts to the category pages. I just saw a video on it recently in the mastermind/membership that I'm in. (It was all about setting up a good site structure and then passing on juice)
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    The best way to get more traffic on your website is by making your website a 'brand' you just have to make your visitors into members of your social media pages. So that whenever you publish anything new, they at least get the notifications.
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  • If you want huge traffic to your website, you have to deal with the off-page SEO techniques, which help you to gain better and huge traffic. Techniques like
    1. Blog Commenting.
    2. Forums participation.
    3. Q/A sites participation.
    4. Guest Posting.
    5. Social media marketing.

    These tasks help you for getting huge traffic towards your websites.
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    A lot of us know that SEO can be a brilliant way to generate traffic for a website.

    However, for some of us, SEO might be our only means of traffic.

    This can be a bad thing.

    It is essential that you know how to diversify the traffic that is coming to your website. Otherwise, if your primary traffic source fails you, it could mean the end for your business.

    In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can increase website traffic without having to rely only on SEO.
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    Originally Posted by hotelsimply View Post

    Daily using Social network postings,chatting to get more traffic in my site.
    Social media sites are indeed one of the best source out there to promote your website. But other than that you can start up a blog on the side where you basically focus on the stuff your website is offering.

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    Add lots of useful and engaging content and then share them on social media. This way people will indirectly promote (share) your website for you.
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    SEO techniques are older and it's still preferred for ranking a website in search engines. It is good to some extent but not as fast as other techniques. Video marketing and content marketing could result in positive feedback for a website as it impacts directly in the minds of people and compel them to view your website for once.

    The way you present your website, its product features help you to engage immense customers on it. Make sure your social media integration would leave a good impact on your viewers as many comes through it.
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  • There are multiple ways are available to increase your website traffic like Social Media Marketing (Social Traffic), Search Engine Marketing (Organic Traffic) etc.

    Social Media Marketing is useful to increase instant traffic on your website.
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    Forum Posting
    Guest posting
    Micro blogging
    Quality Content
    Social Bookmarking
    Video Sharing
    Blog commenting
    Local listings
    Email marketing
    Google adwords
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    In order to promote your website and to increase traffic, I would suggest you to use SEO, I think at first you need to learn from many famous and largest websites about SEO such as: Searchengineland, Searchenginewatch, Searchenginejournal, Moz,...they're all giving free basic SEO techniques that you can follow and practice. After that, you should apply these techniques on your own website with your domain and hosting, try your best to practical daily as much as possible.

    I believe that you can get the archive after some months you try hard.

    Good luck to you,
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    Forum and Guest Posting
    Unique and Quality Content
    Social Bookmarking
    Video and Image Sharing
    Blog commenting
    Email marketing
    Google adwords
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    increase traffic on your website we’re going to look at some of them, including several ways to boost site traffic

    increase traffic on your website we’re going to look at some of them, including several ways to boost site traffic

    Get Social
    On-Page SEO
    Post Content to LinkedIn
    Make Sure Your Site is Responsive
    Research the Competition
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    Although, it is not as fast as PPC, providing unique value content with long tail keywords, you are in a good place to get targeted traffic. I would do my research on each keyword and then either write the posts or hire a writer to do them for me.
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    do social bookmarking, Forum posting, blog commenting and directory submission. Your traffic will increase
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    Try to post engaging content which works really well in social media. That will also help you get free likes, shares and most importantly - traffic.
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    You can do on page seo like social media posting, blog posting etc. You should porvide fresh and unique content because it is very important for google adsense.
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    Try to increase the organic ranking of your website by listing it n as many places as you can. Make your web content keyword rich so that Google can crawl your web address. Make your backlinks game strong as creating more and more backlinks to your website means that your website can be traced.
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    Let me clear you one think which is very important. Social media sites is for branding and not actually for traffic gaining. It helps to leave a positive impact on your viewers and to show what is the importance of your products and why they should buy it specially from you.

    For getting traffic you can share your blogs, or articles on high authoritative sites so that one can get to know why your products are so important to them. It will be effective. Post on social sites frequently so that it will show you are active in these platforms and trying to interact with your audience consistently.
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    To increase traffic to your site and to keep the traffic consistent. You need to do the following things:

    1. Content is King! So try to put interesting and useful content that would help the visitors.
    2. Get links from top websites in your niche. This can be done by either Guest Posting,Blog Commenting or by Broken Link Building
    3. Try to interact with your visitors regularly.
    4. Use Social media websites to circulate your blog posts.
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    Originally Posted by hotelsimply View Post

    Daily using Social network postings,chatting to get more traffic in my site.
    Content rich post having tips and tricks with images on your blog within your site will be most helpful and long lasting. It should be informational instead of promotional.
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