Possibly a google Manual Penalty ?

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Hello guys, I need help to solve an issue.

On 20th July 2016 I received following email from Google Search Console.

Google has detected sneaky redirects for mobile users on your site. This means that mobile users visiting your site are redirected to another page or are shown different content than your desktop users. This creates an unexpected experience for Google Search users and violates our Webmaster Guidelines. Therefore Google has prevented the offending pages from showing in search results. This manual spam action has been applied to mywebsite.com. To reinstate these pages in search results, remove the spam and file a reconsideration request. After we determine that you have complied with our guidelines, we will remove this manual action.
I had 2 types of Ads enabled for my site, (Bidvertiser and Intergi). So I knew that bidvertiser is known for its anti google stuff. I removed ALL the ads and then asked google to reconsider my site and it was approved with following msg.

Good news! Your reconsideration request has been approved and Google has removed any manual action on your site. Keep in mind that removal of a manual action doesn't guarantee that your site's ranking will increase.
Now after almost 7 days, on 27th July, I saw an abrupt traffic downfall in my site. Daily number of visitors on my site are approx 2000+, but on 28 and 29 July, this count reduced to merely 200-300. I am sure this traffic was from referrals / back-links.

I checked on google for the keywords I was ranking, my site was not there. Then I checked again on google with this method.

HTML Code:
and it came with no result. That means google is not showing my site in search engines.

Main problem
I did not receive any email or notification / message on my search console or analytics about this penalty. Once I visited the manual action tab, it was again clean as hell. No issues found there too.

Can anyone please help me and tell me what may have happened and how can I solve it ?

Thank you very much for your help in advance and very sorry for bad English.
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    Hi dude
    You website be lost rank (forever) as I know
    Your website be flagged by Google as violation the policy because Google reconized some actions seem to forced SEO (by Bid.... you used), it's be banned by Google nowadays.

    Bad news, your website can not recover the rank as usual if your still keep the hosting and domain.
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    I've heard of very large site like Target recovering from a manual penalty but never seen a small site do it. Once Google loses trust in your site, it is hard to get it back. You can try to hang out for a week or two to see if it bounces back, but it isn't looking good. Could be another algorithm filter whacked it, too, but no recent ones are really known of.
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    Monitoring your website traffic, and keeping on top of your search ranking standings are two extremely important aspects to ensuring a successful business. If you have noticed a decrease in traffic, or a considerable drop in your search ranking, you may have been hit with a Google penalty, but how do you know for sure?

    First things first, are you monitoring your website ranking? If you are not, it is time to start; otherwise, you will never be able to spot Google penalties before they hurt your business!
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    I must say that even one of our client website was penalized by Google but after changing website structure, Meta tags and content with genuine fresh content and most important thing is we disavowed poor back links and now we got that website back to first page.
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    Had the same issue with bidvertiser. Got a manual penalty. Filed a reconsideration request and got back in.
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    one of my clients had the same issue with bidvertiser. I tried all: cleaned the site, changed old content, write a lot of new content, erased poor backlinks, etc. The ranking didn't come back after 3 months. There is a good chance, unfortunately, that yours won't come back either.
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    The ranking didn't come back after 3 months?
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    Well, I thought I must update you guys on this subject in case someone else faces this issue.

    So, It was a manual action (not a penalty) taken against my site. I submitted the reconsideration request after removing what was causing the issue (Bidvertiser ads) and my site is back in search results in 4 days.
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