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I'm trying to get a list of related (LSI / LDA) keywords to incorporate on my keyword optimized page. My understanding is Google looks for these to determine it's really the right topic.

I have taken related keywords from the Adwords tool and the SERPs bottom. But it seems like those are just big fat maybes as far as whether they actually will help me.

It seems like the top ranked pages are much more likely to contain the valuable related keywords I want. So I'm looking for a way to scour those pages and get a list I can scan through. I know there are keyword density analyzers, but that isn't what I"m after. I want the relatively unusual phrases. I'm not even sure how it would go about determining what keywords and phrases to report. I guess it would be tough. Basically I want it to give me the kind of results, even if it's among a bunch of garbage too, that I would get if I were to manually read through all the pages and write down phrases that pop out at me.

Is there any such tool?
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    This is to spy what your competitor's site keywords is using.
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      Originally Posted by 3wCorner View Post


      This is to spy what your competitor's site keywords is using.
      So it sounds like spyfu will figure out what keywords they use on a site, but what about an individual page?

      Do they even pull that keyword info out of the landing page content, or is it all from search rankings? The reason I ask is they probably won't rank for the related keywords on the page, but they would be important for qualifying the target keywords that they do rank for.
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    SEMrush and Ahresh Is best and professional to Expose Competitor Strategies.
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    I also recommend SEMRush. It is the best tool of Moz regarding competitor's backlinks.
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    Another fantastic tool for analyzing competitor pages and that gives you the LSI words you might want to include on your pages is CanIRank.
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    Use Semrush and its good to go bro.
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  • Ahrefs will do this very effectively for you

    Send me over the url and ill pull off a report for you in Ahrefs, I have plenty of units to use up this month
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    SEMrush is definitely a tool to check out. It'll help you with exactly what you need. Best of luck
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    Check competition manually, see image below to understand better:
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    Thanks, I'm checking out some of those tools now! Manually also seems to be useful and not all that time consuming. I find that I can pretty much look over a page and gather some good keywords on that page that I can work into my content.
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    You can search for keywords in Google keyword planner by feeding it the URL of a webpage. So, give it the pages that interest you, it will bring you up the keywords it finds on that page, arranged by relevance, the one it thinks the page is most about is #1, the 2nd most fitting one is #2, and so on.
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    You try Ahrefs.It is to spy what your competitor's site backlinks is using.
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    Yeah Semrush or Ahrefs can do this. I would prefer Ahrefs as I have seen Semrush does not displays all the results.

    and yes you can look for all the keyword the page is ranking or linking through.
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