Some useful ideas to effectively enhance SEO for successful digital marketing.

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Every online business operator wants to get the biggest piece of the pie out there. It's possible if you and I play smart and understand the market dynamics and some prerequisites required to achieve that. First we have to adapt different ways to stand out among plethora of competitors out there who are putting extensive efforts behind their marketing.

To stand out, you definitely need to understand the importance of SEO which is the process of getting your site as high up as possible on Google and Bing search result pages. It may sound as a lot of work ( which in fact it is!!) for beginners. But for people who just stepped into digital marketing, I have some useful tips to give your business a kick start.

1. Carefully assess your site's current standings.

You need to follow your SEO progress regularly to find out how well it is doing on search pages. Best way to find out is by using one of the most popular tool in the market called Alexa. You can enjoy its 7 day free trial to find its actual worth for your business. It is known to enhance ranking for target keywords by providing solutions to improve your SEO

2. URLs should always be search friendly:

Let's cut to the chase: The easier your URL is to interpret, the better it is for your search engine ranking. For example the following URL is easy to read because of clear representation of keywords. Therefore, there is a greater probability of users opening up this link as compare to messy URL like this

3. Less emphasis on Flash, Frames and AJAX.

Always bear this rule in mind if you want great search engine optimization: Don't use Flash,Frames and AJAX. Reason behind it is that search engines look for text based content to rank your page not fancy images. Apart from that, it also makes it difficult to link back to a single page if someone is searching for a specific element from your page. For example if a client is looking for a cashmere scarf and your site has no text base keywords for that particular search then it will be impossible for your clients to open your site as an alternative. So make sure that put minimum amount of emphasis on these tools. But if you're using image based representation of your site then don't forget to add captions containing keywords along with it.

4. Always update your content.

Make sure your content is always fresh!!

5. Significance of social media.

Last but not the least you should spread out the word about your site through different social networking platforms. For example the best way in my personal opinion would be to offer some kind of incentive like a free product or discount if visitors share the link on Facebook or retweets on twitter. I think it's the best way to enhance your SEO ranking and to gain popularity among online community.

All these points are for beginners to get a general idea that how SEO works.Ofcourse, there are different advance avenues as well to effectively enhance your SEO which I would love my fellow warriors to share on this thread. Cheers J
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    Social Media channels can never get you ranked higher unless your content gets tremendously liked by several millions of users. They are only good for getting your word out in the crowd.
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      Good point though.Getting word out is the main idea behind integration of social media in business.I know it's a long shot to get the desired SEO through social networking platforms. But at least by the end of the day we can assume that it will definitely attract greater number of clients. Cheers

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    1. Approach keywords strategically
    Without proper keyword research, any SEO campaign is doomed to failure. Keyword analysis sets the stage and lays the foundation for an SEO campaign.

    2. Strictly adhere to an originality rule
    When it arrives to SEO, creativity refers to duplicate content or the same text existing at two various URLs something that you should always avoid. Republishing articles from other sites is not only a prospective copyright infringement, but it also creates duplicate content, which can ruin your site’s search rankings.

    3. Strategically adjust your site’s navigation and internal links
    The way your site’s navigation is organized plays a major role in how search engines figure out the importance of each page. Simply put, the more often a page is linked to within your web-site, the more PageRank flow it has and the higher it will rank in search-engine results pages for appropriate queries.
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      Nice addition Akash. I like your idea to be original to avoid any future copyright infringement.Basically, success of your SEO revolves around constant upgrading of content with eye catching keywords.

      Cheers J

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    Hello... Sorry to say expmrb but Junaid khawaja is on the right way and telling the truth. Today in White Hat SEO the social signals are one of the important thing along OnPage and OffPage SEO. Google knows when a webpage has not social accounts like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube AND Google+ this site is a fake and simply NOT exist. Show me ONE WebPage from a known company without this social accounts like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube and Google+. Without this socials are only lousy affiliate sites with thin content. At kind of website Goggle want to get rid off.
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