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I have a prospective customer, let's say his name is Johnny Banjo. His business is banjo care and it's called Johnny Banjo Banjo Care. (It's not his real name or business but you should get the idea.)

If I was to register the domain name would the repeated key word help or hinder search engine placement?

Any ideas as I have no experience here?
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    The second "banjo" wouldn't help you any more in Google. The first banjo is sufficient. Whatever brands better is what he should go with.

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    I don't think it will help at all to repeat your keyword.
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    Repeating a keyword is unnecessary. Lengthy keywords are difficult to type and hence it will reduce type-in traffic. Also I do not see any added seo benefits, as other members have also rightly pointed out.

    As per the example given above I make the following suggestions for a domain name.

    Say his name is Johnny Banjo and his business is Banjo Care, then try checking if banjocare itself is available for registration or is johnny banjo is available for registration. If they both are unavailable then try johnnybanjocare or Jbanjocare.

    Hope this helps,

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