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I've recently published my first Amazon Affiliate website. I understand it takes some time to see some traffic & ranking. But when i see google analytics today, for one of the queries, i see the Avg Position is 2.4 with 12 impressions. When i tried to search with same query on google, i don't see my website in the results (searched for around 5 pages deep just to be sure). Wanted to know how do i perceive this? Is my site truly ranking at that position for that specific query?.

When i tried to learn more on google help, i see 'Position - The average position of the topmost result from your site', but do not understand it at query level much.

Thanks In Advance !!!
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    A new site will be affected by the Google dance and it will fly all over the place while Google tests it in various SERP positions until they finally decide where it belongs. I wouldn't be so concerned about what is going on in Google Analytics at this stage. Spend your time getting great links from relative websites and improving your content. Check your rankings once a month. They are what they are and will improve over time.

    Check out the MOZ Absolute Beginners Guide to Google Analytics or Kissmetrics Beginners Guide to Google Analytics for more information about how to use that online tool.
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    If you are not seeing the urls in the SERP's it doesn't mean that no other person cannot see that. It happens all the time for a new site. The best way to get rid of this position fast is to build content. Add atleast 10 more articles and outreach them through social media channels. I am not telling that you will get ranked for this but this will gain you some exposure to lock the eye of the search engines into your site which will force them to determine atleast a steady position in the search results.
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    You need to focus on building your website first, If your website has good ranking then automatically you will get the good search results. Also focus to get more social shares for the good reach of your website and improve the organic visits to your website.
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    As you say your site is new unless and until you do proper on page and off page with your targeted keywords you cant see keywords in ranking.
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    Firstly you are doing onpage optimization, after that fetch your urls in webmaster tools, then after check in google your site urls indexed or not. present you want check the status of your website with keywords. so you go to google after type your keyword, after setting symbol(Right top corner) . to click on it search settings go to never show options, after results per page 100 position set, then only you can get appopriate position of your website.
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