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I ended up coming across a FB ad about renting small websites - let me know if you seen this ad. Anyways I ended up providing my email and I saw the pitch video outlining a business model to build and rank a lead website and then rent it out to a small business owner who could benefit from the leads. This sounded logical and right in my wheel house as I'm an experienced web developer and I'm pretty sure this marketing company I worked for a couple years ago was doing the same exact thing in the Dentistry niche. I just didn't know of it then and was just doing what I was told by building their websites and doing on page seo. This sounded like something I could do so I'm giving it a shot.

I'm not really in a position to purchase this course but during the presentation they outlined the basics and I feel like I could use online resources and help from you guys to sort out the rest.

I built the site already in the Appliance Repair niche and launched it yesterday. I also purchased a call forward service which gave me a local phone number and am directing calls and form submissions to myself. Now I'm focusing on ranking the website and building citations and social signals but before I proceed I wanted to clarify a few things.

Since it's a lead site and not the actual businesses website do I create social profiles on all the major authority sites and submit citations to local directories using the lead sites name?

In this video they provided an example website of someone who's doing the same thing.

They ranked Safe-Dry Carpet & Rug Cleaning Montgomery|Carpet Cleaning Montgomery #3 on google for carpet cleaning in Montgomery I did find their social links but they pointed towards the businesses name and the information was different from what was on the site.

I found the websites fb https://www.facebook.com/Carpet-Clea...1144681489157/ which has a different phone number from the website. Does that matter to google or does google just look for authority social sites that link up with the website.

How should I proceed to get past this? I just think this is a big key that was of course, left out of the presentation.
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    local business listing with social media marketing can improve your site local ranking & traffic quickly.
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    Yeah I definitely understand that. I think I was able to reverse engineer some competition who's doing the same thing. The social media is created for the business website that I will be renting however I'm still uncertain of how to proceed with submitting to local directories. Any further guidance would be much obliged.

    edit oh wait I just realized I can't create google plus, fb, twitter, linkedin, ect cause I don't have a business address.
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      Originally Posted by ohnoeedidntt View Post

      edit oh wait I just realized I can't create google plus, fb, twitter, linkedin, ect cause I don't have a business address.
      You only need to confirm a physical location for a Google My Business page - they send a postcard with an auth code to the physical address. You can create everything else you have mentioned without.
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    For local citations you'll need a physical address and this address needs to be consistent across all citations. Citations do help local businesses.
    If you're just going to rank and rent, you don't need a physical address. Just rank the website with your keywords like an affiliate site.
    Social properties will help and will make the website look legit to Google.
    Hope that helps.
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    From year to year, the only thing you can count on in local search results is change.

    Last year's survey corresponded almost simultaneously with the Pigeon algorithm update. We're now one year in, and although no significant algorithmic changes have been reported since Pigeon, the Local Stack / Snack Pack results were fully rolled-out worldwide just prior to this year's edition. Given that context, I asked respondents this year not only to rate ranking factors across pack and localized organic results, as in previous years, but also the specfic factors to which they were paying more (and less) attention to since the release of this interface.
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    thanks for the input. I've been monitoring the site with google webmaster tools and though I see the site has been indexed by searching with site:myurl webmaster tools shows that it hasn't been indexed and I'm nowhere to be found in the search results. I checked all 19 pages.

    Does that mean that even though my site comes up when I search with site: google still hasn't ranked my site for my keyword?
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    sometimes Google Local results are different and even a new GP listing got first rank without effort. but mostly if you are ranking local keywords you need citations build with consistent NAP across the web. social profiles makes look your biz legit to google.
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    Thanks, and I actually got further clarification on the address for citations from this article Step by Step Local Ranking Formula | Rank and Rent

    SEO Khan has probably been the most practical guide I've found on this strategy they were nice enough to respond to a comment I left

    You can make one up but just be sure to pick a location that has multiple businesses at the same address. If you make enough citations Google will add your business to Google Maps automatically.

    Most rank and rent websites are focused on generating phone calls, not walk in traffic. So in most cases the address doesn’t matter.

    Another option would be to use an overlay plugin like X-Ray SERP to overlay your client’s site.
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    You should create social profiles on all the major authority sites and submit citations to local directories
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