Is 'deeplinking' better for rankings?

by KevinA
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Hi all,

This is a question ive had on my mind for a while. Which one of the below is better for search engine rankings when targeting a particular 'keyphrase'?

- backlinking to my top level domain (which contains the 'keyphrase' in the domain name); or
- backlinking to a post within that domain (which contains the 'keyphrase' in the page url as well)

Currently, while doing article marketing, I do both the above ie. 2 links within the article. But would any of you have any insight into whether it is actually more effective to target one method over the other?

Note: My 'keyphrase' would be the anchor text for the backlink, ie. the keyphrase I am aiming to rank for in the search engines.

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    This is supposed to be not and either/or but an and question. I think it makes sense to link to the page you believe is most relevant to a particular search query - it is important that the visitor gets to the necessary information immediately and doesn't have to do any additional searching.
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    Thats true when it comes to user friendliness of the site, but im more curious as to the power of the backlink. To put it another way, is a backlink to my top level domain more/less powerful than a backlink to a particular post within that domain?
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      You should mix up everything in your linkbuilding in order to maintain a more "natural" linking profile.

      Things that should be mixed is the Link URL, Anchor Text, Where The Link Comes From (Blog Comments, Profile Links, Social Bookmarking, Directories, Forum Signatures...etc).

      Some of the links you fetch should also be NoFollow as no "natural" website has all DoFollow links and you also need to make sure there are plenty of links pointing at your site where the anchor text is nothing more than your domain name.

      Various sources I've read through have said that no more than 25-50% of the links you build should point at your home page. I do about 50% myself.
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    yes deeplinking is best to get backlink as well as to get higher ranking.
    Also you sholuld target keywords and domain name.
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    Kaka, there's too many possible dynamics at play here to give you a simple answer. In terms of the way Page Rank is passed, if every page is linked to each other in an equal ratio, it won't matter whether your inlinks are all pointed to the base of your domain or spread throughout your site. However Page Rank by itself isn't what ranks you, and it's often the deep links that target more long-tailed keyword terms that will bring in the majority of your searches.
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    Deep links makes your SEO process seem more natural, so they are very good. But they should be included wisely in your link building strategy, all backlinks do not have the same 'goals'. Still, good deeplinking gives you search engine credibility.

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    You want to have a large variety of linking building to your site. You want to have links that are both deep and to the top level domain. It is also important that you have varying anchor text and links that actually don't use anchor text with google.

    The goal is to make it look natural to google as if your content is going viral to the web. When that happens not all your links are going to be to your home page and definitely not all of your links are going to be optimized with your anchor text.

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    Great, thanks a heap for everybody's responses! Going by the above, I have definatly focused on backlinking only with 1-2 anchor texts - so definitely one area i could mix it up a little.
    Right now practicing a 50:50 ratio domain links to deeplinks, think I should focus a little on the deeplinking side.. thanks all
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