Embed Video from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia?

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I believe Vimeo has the advantages of being able to embed your video on your website without advertising and the ability to brand the player with your company name. Can't do that with YouTube. However obviously Google give a bit more weight to YouTube videos in search results.

It the objective is to provide the biggest boost to the website's ranking (not the individual video), is it best to embed the YouTube video or can you post the video on both YouTube and Vimeo and embed the Vimeo video for the benefits previously described?

My gut feeling is that Google would see the direct linkage between the video on YouTube and the website it's embedded on and potentially that would have (albeit probably small) more benefit in the website's ranking than embedding the Vimeo video?

Is the SEO claimes on this Wistia page true? Could I then use Wistia for embedding and then also post the videos on a YouTube channel for maximum exposure?

From Wistia:

Vimeo, like YouTube, is a powerful domain for SEO, but when you host your videos on these platforms, you are not doing your website's SEO a favor. When you upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube, the search engines are indexing the original url, not your website's. In contrast, when you embed a Wistia video on your website, your website gains all of the SEO benefits.

Vimeo videos are ranked to drive traffic to Vimeo to keep users on their platform. Wistia videos drive traffic to your website--not ours.
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    If you needs for professional purpose then Vimeo is good choice, Youtube is not bad also...Youtube also good. But you can do it on Video too. Thats smart!
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    Vimeo and YouTube are good choices, but the idea of Wistia is interesting and can reap benefits to your website, if what is mentioned in their disclaimer is true.
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