Launch Placeholder Site ASAP or Wait for Full Site?

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It can take some time for a new business website to get picked up by all the search engines and indexed.

Let's assume it's going to take a month to build your new full-fledged business website. Would it be advantageous in the mean time to immediately launch the domain with an introductory website using a template site so you might have just two pages, a home page with logo, title, brief description of pages, a couple images, etc and a contact page. Would this help give the site a "jump start" on being indexed?

Or could that do more harm than good by putting up something "quick & dirty" versus the complete website with much more content, that has been SEO optimized?
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    It doesn't matter at all. Search engines will crawl your site frequently at the beginning to see if there are changes. If the site keeps changing with frequency, they will crawl it more often. If it is the same every time, they will scale back the crawling of it. Either way, all of your pages will eventually get picked up, assuming you have a decent site architecture.
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    I think there is no need to put up a temporary site while waiting for your full-fledged site to be completed. However, you can put up a simple page with About or contact form.

    What you want to focus on in the mean time is to build backlinks pointing back to your domain. It can be backlink pointing from your articles you submitted to article directories, or any other legitimate sites you can get backlinks from. With the backlinks from all over the places pointing to your domain, You stand good chances for Google to crawl your site more frequently, and that help to get indexed faster.
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    It won't make much of a difference in the long-term either way.

    If you are concerned about it though, you could always block the spiders as you are building the site instead of putting up a temporary site.
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    Originally Posted by consultant1027 View Post

    It can take some time for a new business website to get
    It takes a couple days to get indexed (and there are a few strategies that take less). I would build the site's structure and add to it. As a matter of fact theres a benefit to that. The more you site changes (all things being equal) the more often googlebot will visit to index.

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    I prefer to launch a full site and launch it when I'm ready, rather than having my placeholder page get listed in the search engine instead, although it probably wouldn't get ranked for any important keywords anyways. You can always use the robots.txt file to block bots from crawling your placeholder page, but then why bother even putting one up unless you're going to be sending visitors to it directly as a build up to your release?
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