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To me, content outreach and SEO are best friends. If you do well with outreach, you're guaranteed to rank really well on search engines.

What's content outreach in the first place?

It's when you contact an author / blogger to send a suggestion or correction, and they link back to one of your blog post or homepage.

I personally think that it's the most efficient way to get valuable backlinks in 2016. As someone who was new to the SEO world, what I did was putting the term "how to do content outreach" on Google. I will click on the first few result.

Surprisingly they all provide the same template and techniques. And unsurprisingly, none of them work as advertised.

Here's my experiments.

As mentioned, the template that you often find on the internet will not work. Instead, give it a little personal touch. What I did was approaching the author with a question or problem. This will guarantee to capture their attention and eventually they will reply back to you.

After that hit them with your link. Be like you found the solution to that problem, and you found it on this site aka add your blog post next to it .

I have a lot of success with this technique rather than the template that a lot of top-notch bloggers provide.
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    You are right. Currently Outreach is the best method to get perfect and stable spot on the SERPs as the PBN links will surely give you a boost but you can drop down anytime if new update rolls out.

    Also google loves natural links and in 2016 outreach and social signals are the best of any website. And In SEO world one thing is certain copy cat method wont bring much success instead you need to bring twist to those methods. I like your idea to find flaws and asking questions, i will list them and use on my next outreach campaigns.
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    Outreach was definitely one of the most efficient ways of getting valuable links in 2016. Well, it still is, but what I want to say is that I've also done some experimenting this year and I've been tracking my progress since January - it has really paid off.

    I also did some research around New Year's looking for ideal outreach templates, and there really isn't one! That's when I decided to give it a bit of 'personal touch' you mentioned.

    I always have the same routine when I come across the blog I want to outreach:
    1. I skim through the headlines;
    2. If they are relevant, then I open several articles and read them more carefully to see whether my writing style would fit;
    3. Finally, I check out the about me page.

    After this little 'ritual' I always manage to gather enough knowledge about the person I'm contacting so that I can approach them as if I've already met them. I'm going to tell you a little secret that ensures almost ~50% response rate: I check out the last blog post they even forgot they published and try to build my topic around it. There's no better way to show that you made an effort to familiarize with them and their blog better.

    Since I too had no luck finding ideal templates or instructions how to write perfect outreach mail, I tried once again now, so maybe try with some of the links below:

    Blogger Outreach Tips: How To Write Outreach Emails That Don't Suck

    All these worked for me, I hope they help others too
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    I generally get the best response when I include:

    "How much?"
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    Asking them a niche related question and doing a round up post is also a great way to get a back link. Bloggers love to get featured in other blogs and let their visitors know about it.
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