How to create High quality backlinks using images,videos

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hi everyone,
i want to know that how i create high quality backlinks using videos and images
please tell best sites to submit my images and videos with a backlink
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    There are a lot of sites where you could use your images, for example, you have Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit. Make sure you embed the correct links to the images when you share them on the mentioned sites, should also add to your site's traffic.
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    Hello Warrior!,
    At first select your category images. then you create a video by movie maker. and submit to youtube, and others video related site. and use to your site link. write to more details & add your website link.
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    Images speaks a lot and every one knows how great infographics are doing at the moment. You could easily create and upload at these sources., infographicreviws, slideshare, Flickr, Reddit,

    and a lot many sources.
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    I have tried to make videos ie for court reporters in the past for marketing but it takes so long. Does any know of a software that can automate or standardized the process. Thanks Carl
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    For me, what usually works is if I have how to images, collages, or instructible type of photos, I will make sure that I have them on my site and then if people need to download them they can do so, provided they link back to my website.
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    There are social bookmarking sites where you could use your images, similar to Zoto, Ibibo and Fotolog. Make sure the photos you are using are attractive and related to your niche site, you wouldn't want a click just for a photo and not for the content which will be more profitable.
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    Creating image backlinks is another type of SEO strategy in which we build backlinks using image and video in high PR sites of image backlinks
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    If you have really helpful infographics, submit them to an infographics directory and you should be able to get the decent amount of back links from the people who will find your infographics useful.
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    Well if you have a blog and you provide images on your content then Pinterest and Stumbleupon will do.

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    Firstly your images & videos must be informative & it should deliver some message to the folks who are viewing it. Other than that, the sites which are being used for submitting the images & videos must be of high authority so that it can create value for your website. High authority websites help to rank your website quickly by engaging immense viewers on it.
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    Hi Ajay, Let's be frank here and understand that search engines don't interpret images and videos. So, everything boils down to the same thing, that's called textual content. For images, it's alt text and for video a description do the trick. Besides, I'd recommend you to do a keyword research beforehand, so that you know what info to use in alt text and video description.

    Good Luck!
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    Originally Posted by Ajaymalik View Post

    hi everyone,
    i want to know that how i create high quality backlinks using videos and images
    please tell best sites to submit my images and videos with a backlink

    Best sites?

    You're dreaming If you think there's a best site for backlinks on an unknown niche.

    All the comments above are shit or nofollow links. Fail.
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    Monetize memes, if you are one who have the creative juices to churn them out. These are probably the most underestimated source of back links, people love shareable content, especially memes. They are simple, could be funny and are direct to the point.
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    For videos, you could make your own videos and share them on youtube, dailymotion, bing, msn, megashare and you could link your website and that's it. Depends on how interesting your video is and your content, that should determine how much backlink you could get.
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    Yes, there are lots of high authority image and video sharing sites which help you get high quality backlink, but when you upload an image on any site give it a proper title, description and also it's keyword which describe your services in an attractive way. I have mentioned some sites below which help you get quality backlinks.
    Dailymotion is a video-sharing website and an alternative to YouTube. It’s easy to get backlinks from Dailymotion, just upload your YouTube videos on Dailymotion and add your website links in the description field.
    Reddit is a social network of external links, and community member can easily submit web content links such as article, images, videos and more. Write a text post to get better backlinks benefits from Reddit.
    Imgur is an image hosting website and a brilliant source to get free GIFs. Share an image or GIF on Imgur and add links in the image description field.
    If you are searching for new methods to build backlinks from authoritative domains, infographics might be the solution for you. A good infographic can help you build quality backlinks and enhance your website's SEO.
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    Similar to blog commenting, you could also do video commenting. Same rules, apply, you should make sure that you are adding actual value or legit comment on the video you are posting on so you won't be considered as spam.
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  • When it comes to video backlinking, once you create profiles on video sites there is an option for you to link your website and then you should be able to get ample amount of backlinks as well. This is even before you actually create videos to link to.
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    Videos and images have different approaches for them to become backlinks. Images has to be direct to the point, you see it as it already is and you make it available for people to use, with the premise of linking back to your site. For videos, you have specific websites that you may submit them to for people to appreciate them and then hopefully, visit your site on the videos link.
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    I think Pinterest is the best for image submission. For the video submission, Youtube is the first option for that. Both the websites give you a high quality backlinks.

    AmarInfotech is an iPhone application development company in India which allows mobile app development for the global clients.

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    For your video to be an effective backlink make sure you get it SEO, and your content is valuable, so that they would actually want to go to your site. There are tons of video sharing websites, you could do netflix, dailymotion, aol, yahoo, and msn.
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  • Pinterest is the best way to getting backlinks if you dont have money in my experience, its quick, it can get a lot of traffic to your website, and is a good place to check the competition.

    The ideal way to get good backlinks its by getting news coverage from local media and stuff like that, but not everyone has that kind of resources.
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    Not sure if this has already been touched upon, but.....

    It amazes me how few people take advantage of using infographics as part of their link building strategy. I think it comes from the notion that they are expensive and/or difficult to create. is possible to get a great infographic from someone on for less than $200.

    Once the graphic is completed, the first thing is to submit it to sharing sites, like among others.

    Second, reach out to bloggers in your industry and offer them to use the infographic as part of their post. I have received a ton of backlinks from this approach in the past. Good luck with it an dlet me kno2 how it goes.
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    If promote with image, I think Pinterst is great way to create backlink. I receive many traffic from this social network. If promote video, Dailymotion is great way to promote with video
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    Originally Posted by Ajaymalik View Post

    hi everyone,
    i want to know that how i create high quality backlinks using videos and images
    please tell best sites to submit my images and videos with a backlink
    What is your goal? You want to earn backlinks to improve your search ranking or just get more traffic?
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    Just how do you expect to get links from videos? That makes no sense.

    And images? There is NO reason to ever think about link building with images.
    Link building with images is ridiculous. In order for links to really be valuable, you need anchor text. Google is not going to try and decipher what your link means, even with alt text. Alt text is for describing the image, NOT the link. So you have an image of a cow in a pasture with a link to student loans. Google will in most cases ignore the link.

    Neither a link from an image or in a video, is going to be anything valuable when it comes to links...if you are talking about link building.

    You people just talk all over the map about a bunch of BS. Like a link from an image in pinterest. Do you people even know how the internet works?


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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