How can I unify my efforts for best SEO results? Personal / business / product websites

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I'm a writer and have several web sites:

1. Personal Resume website (about me, published works, speaking availability, physical books for sale, etc)
2. Main Business website (my company, overall vision, products)
3. Main Ebook Product website (a sales website for an ebook/audio package I created)
4. Various affiliate websites

In an effort to unify my efforts for greater results, I would like to find a way to link them together. I was planning to create a blog, engage in social networking, etc, but I don't know where these would fit best for SEO results to drive sales.

For instance, I had originally planned to put the blog on the Ebook website (my greatest push right now), but eventually I may want to push other products too. So then I thought it might be better on the business website...but then all those posts aren't really linked to any product... So then I thought it would be better to build all these marketing efforts around my personality and resume site, but again, then they aren't really linked to any product...

Any thoughts are appreciated!
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    Hey Juryduty,I would start off by linking to each site with your main keywords as your anchor text. That's a good idea to build around your personality/resume site,just make sure you link from that site to your other products and services on your other sites using whatever keyword you want your customers to find you by. So instead of click here as the link use ebook audio package.Whatever you do, blogs,social media,just make sure to link back to your "money site" with the desired keywords you're after,or keyword phrase that best describes the destination of the link. I would even go as far as using your keyword(s) as the title or login name on your blog and social media properties.
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