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Guys, I believe a lot of experienced marketers gone through this before, my traffic from search engine gone overnight. All my top page ranking keywords suddenly gone.

I have no idea why and I have NOT done any blackhat or spammy thing.
I just hope this is the Google sandbox effect and Google will restore everything back soon.

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    There was a Google penguin update few days ago. But heard it had a good effect on many sites.

    Read this article, it might help you figure out what happened.
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  • This happened to me once, exactly like that, overnight, without any reason, gone.. Just the difference was that not only did I lose my rankings, almost my entire site got deindexed!

    If you are still appearing on Google (let's say on page 3,4,5 etc. that means that your site is indexed and probably you've been hit by some algorithm update) but if you can't find your pages in Google (just type site:yourdomaindotcom) then this means that you've been deindexed..

    I never did any blackhat activities as well, and there was nothing in manual spam in GWMT. The way I overcome this was to fetch and render site by site until I got my site back into the index. Thankfully, everything was well after that.
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    Check for messages in Google search console by Google.
    Check your results on other search engines i.e. bing, yahoo.
    Check your back links.
    Check your content being copied or what the other reasons for drop off.
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    I have met related threads on several forums I visit and I believe main reason is a google update which is takes place. Keep doing what you used to and I believe everything will come back.
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    Hey guys, thank you all so much for your valuable replies.
    Well, Google did not deindexed my site. It is still on the search results.
    Just that almost all of my ranked pages were gone.
    Previously my site got hacked.

    So I guess the reason is due to it and the recent updates.
    I hope after a few months or hopefully in weeks the big G will reindex my lost pages to top ranking again.

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    This update seems harmed lots of websites, Google today is very aggressive on small websites. SEO is becoming more and more impossible.
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      Originally Posted by NotBelieve View Post

      SEO is becoming more and more impossible

      LUCRATIVE is what you mean
      A crappy product or service by people that disappear from the forum for a long period of time to make it look like they were working on something so when they come back you will want to click on their crappy product or service link

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    You can wait for some time and hope you will bounce back if your backlinks are from the quality sites and it doesn't affected by this Update!
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    If something like that happens usually google sends us notification over web master tools. Please do check that and make sure your server is response and up all the time.

    Also if you website is hacked be sure to do a clean install after remove all the vulnerable file.
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