How do I go by SEO a English Spanish domain name?

by Julio
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I got a domain name that is EnglishSpanish keywords the english keyword is really a keyword that a lot of languages understand when seen / read. The other keyword is in spanish but both keywords go really well together.

My question is when I build the website do I build it in spanish or in english or with both languages and target both target both keywords for seo?
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    Start simple without over thinking. It also depends on the audience and how you are going to monetize it.
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    You can make it in English. it'll good for you.
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    I'm starting to understand it.

    I build the website in English the Spanish keyword I'll use the english translated word instead. Which in English the 2 keywords go really well together also.

    Thank YOU!
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  • It is really common to have sites written in the English language but there are also other languages that are widely used like Spanish and Chinese. Yes, you can have English as the main language of your website but also make sure to have your site or content translated to other languages by either hiring a manual translator or by using some plugins so your website can cater to wider audience.
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    I agree, the best way to optimize your site right now is by writing it first in English. Use relevant keywords in English so that it will help build your site ranking. Once that your site has ranked go ahead and continue with its Spanish translation including the keywords.
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