How can I block my website in other countries?

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Lets assume my website is I need to block the website for all the countries except India. But we need to handle the block gracefully, i.e. showing a page that right now the site is not providing services in their country.

Page on my website visible in India:

When someone outside India opens the website they should see the following URLs:

Kindly note that Google Search should always show the URLs without "world" in there.

Following are the solutions I have on mind:

Someone tries to open from US.
The code will check for the IP location and the user would be redirected to

Solution1: Add no follow and no index tags on so that Google does not index this page and use a 302 redirection. This page will be served to everyone from outside India.

Solution2: Add a 302 redirect from to
and also add canonical on as
Problem in this approach is loop for Google bot, first we are doing a redirect and then we are putting a canonical to the one which as redirected. Sounds wrong to me but I am not sure

Note: This question is related SEO strategy. I want your suggestions on my SEO strategy. I do not want any technical solution for redirection from .htaccess or IP blocking outside India traffic .
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