Any suggestions for niche markets related to behavioural economics, data science or psychology?

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These are the topics i find interesting to read about and I'm looking to find a niche in that area to work on and learn about.

Any ideas pointers or suggestions on how to look into it more or if you know of any good areas to focus on.

I thought lead generation for consulting firms in that area might be a good idea but I really don't know what i'm looking for to much.
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    Go to and look for books in your niche. For example, go to the website and look to the far left. You should see a tab entitled, "shop for books and more." Click on it and look for ideas for niches. Use your intuition and write down 10 niche ideas.

    Next, look for a hungry market. Are there people in this niche that are interested in it day in and day out? You want an active, thriving market that is searching for a solution to their problem.

    Second, look for products on Amazon for this niche. Are there at least 10 products sold in that niche? Are there reviews?

    Third, are there "backend" product possibilities for this niche?

    Lastly, is there a combined monthly search volume of at least 100,000 for the keyword of your market?

    That is how you pick a niche.


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