Can focusing too much on SEO be bad for your content strategy?

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Nobody can deny the importance of Google but the truth is many professionals become so focused on SEO that they end up writing terrible copy and sometimes even neglecting other parts of their business.

Learning how to use SEO plugins for Wordpress and how to do backend SEO for your website is essential, but the SEO in your articles should happen naturally. If you're actually creating content your customers will find relevant and useful the keywords will already be there.

Here's the thing: every year Google's algorithms get smarter. There are still ways to game the system and there always will be, but it's getting harder as the technology improves and unless you're a tech genius who loves doing this kind of thing it's not worth it. Any strategies you do develop for gaming the system will likely become irrelevant the next time Google changes its algorithms and you may even get set back by multiple pageranks.

So what should you be spending most of your time on? A grand total of three things:

1) Excellent products/services

If you are the best you can be at what you do people are bound to notice. If you help people change their lives they will want to talk about it, and word of mouth is the most powerful type of marketing there is. And you know it's true--after all, aren't you more likely to buy something or watch a movie when one of your friends has already recommended it?

2) Extremely useful content

Free content has to be high quality too. Everything you do must be high quality if you want to set yourself apart from the average business owner in your industry. Every time you plan an article you should ask yourself three questions. Does this actually help your customer improve their life? Does it relate directly to any of your products and/or services? Is this content different from what my competitors are producing in some way?

If you can honestly say yes to all three of those questions, the content is worth creating. If not, it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Are you suddenly throwing out half of your ideas? Maybe you need to revisit your posting schedule. Posting an extremely high quality article, video or podcast biweekly or even once a month will get you more traction than posting tiny, somewhat useful articles every week.

3) Building relationships

Develop relationships with influencers in your niche. It can't be said enough. These are the people who will propel your career forward. Reach out to them. Post useful, genuine comments and compliments on their blogs. Pitch guest articles. Offer to interview them on your own blog.

The more you develop relationships with these people, the more likely they are to recommend your content or your services. Eventually you'll be able to develop massive marketing campaigns simply by asking people you know to spread the word about your latest product--and doesn't that sound like the best way to find new customers?

Do you think you've been too heavily focused on SEO writing? Or have you always approached SEO this way? Tell me all about it!
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  • There definitely is such a thing as spending too much time focused on SEO, and this is frequently a tough conversation I end up having with clients. Sometimes potential clients will ask for short articles that include a specific keyword or phrase several times and give me article topics that involve keywords but aren't very interesting. I tell them I'll accommodate these requests to a point, but my job is to make great content, not to make a keyword bomb.

    Of course, you also can't ignore SEO altogether, so often I work with clients to find other article topics that will be more interesting to customers and still have all the right keywords.
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    I definitely agree with you and for some people it's easier and more fun to try and beat Google and the competition rather than focus on creating great content.

    Good SEO strategies take time and effort just like any other part of our business, there's a lot to learn and a lot to implement. It should also only form a part of our business.

    I think the best strategy is to work on SEO and free traffic methods as long-term strategies for building traffic and use paid traffic methods such as solo ads, banner ads etc. as a shorter-term strategy. But you absolutely have to be consistently creating top quality content, with engagement as the foundation to the whole thing.
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      Originally Posted by debburns47 View Post

      I definitely agree with you and for some people it's easier and more fun to try and beat Google and the competition rather than focus on creating great content.
      For sure--there are people who love nothing more, and people whose entire income is based on their ability to game the system. And there will always be space for those people, but the truth is the vast majority of us will have an easier, more fulfilling time creating high quality content.
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    We build for humans first and tweak for SEO afterward. That is much easier to do than it is to take a bunch of SEO focused content and rewrite it so that it reads well for people.
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    We help sellers get the MAXIMUM amount for their websites and all buyers know that these sites are 100% vetted.
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      Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

      We build for humans first and tweak for SEO afterward. That is much easier to do than it is to take a bunch of SEO focused content and rewrite it so that it reads well for people.
      This is all too true. Good content often includes keywords naturally, but it's incredibly difficult to turn a keyword stuffed piece into something that's actually worth reading--at least without deleting more than half of the keywords. Of course, trying to explain this to some clients can be a massive challenge. Some people believe they understand how the internet works when they're actually clueless.
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    The purpose of SEO is to get traffic to your blog from search engines. Alternatively you can go for social sharing. The ultimate purpose of doing these is to get traffic.

    Now what? What do you think will they stay? Of course if you have valuable contents to serve them. So first you should have useful contents and then comes SEO or SM for effective marketing. I think just focusing on SEO can not be that effective and won't pay for your efforts.
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    I agree with you focusing to much on SEO be bad for your content strategy. You should avoid Keyword stuffing in your content. Keyword stuffing is now considered a strictly black-hat tactic.
    It does tend to have some positive short-term effects, but it’s playing with fire.Google will penalize your site if they catch you stuffing the keyword.
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