Critique my website please

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Critique my website!

This should be extremely easy considering I'm a total seo noob and this website was started about a week ago.

Telescopic sight has low competition and holosight has medium competition.

I'll get rid of "best" in all the titles, was a mistake when i was jotting down keywords, long tails, synonyms, etc.

Is my content ok?

I need to start adding reputable and related pbn links as all I've added is wikipedia.
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    Guess, you are still working on it. From the content point of view, you are writing of some specific things. That is OK, but maybe you should go easy on using the "best" in every page title. Honestly, I am on my phone, so it is likely I am missing something. Blog isn't active also. Right? But, I definitely don't want you to get an impression I am all about the content. Other guys will give their opinion regarding SEO and stuff. Yet, the way I see it from here, there are so many interestic topics you can initiate in order to relax this sales tone of yours and make it to be more appealing and subtle.
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    • Yes, I'm still working on it and I talked about "best" above.

      I don't know how to activate blog comments.
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