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I have been learning some things lately about internal links that I thought may be useful to some of the marketers out there starting out.

Note, if youre an advanced internet marketer obviously youre already aware of these so please no need to make snarky comments this info is put together for people who are new to link building and is meant to be helpful.

First thing's first, hopefully youre aware what an internal link is - if not the basic definition is an internal link connects one page of a website to a different page on the same website - the source domain and the target domain are the same.

Internal links serve plenty of purposes, they help in website navigation, distribute page authority and define the hierarchy of the site.

That being said, here is what I have learnt about ways to improve internal links to improve content marketing SEO.
  • Create plenty of content - by now you would have realised this is the key strategy for good SEO. If you create lots of content you can create lots of internal links as well. The more links you have around your pages the more beneficial the linking strategy will be. Dont worry too much about being super structured here, just create bucketloads of linkable content.
  • Use natural sentences as anchor text - keeping it simple is key here so dont over complicate your anchor text for your website. Be really aware of creating anchor text and make sure you simply highlight it and link it and repeat. When you are linking the text, focus on the internal pages of the site preferably rather than the home and contact us page.
  • Be relevant and create links that are natural too - focus on adding value to the reader of the text when you are creating internal links. They are there to enhance engagement and should keep the user interested about their website experience. That said, keeping it relevant is important and always focus on linking content that is 100% relevant and has a connect to the reader and what is on the page.
  • Find the right number of links - there really isnt such a thing, however it is important when creating internal links to give each page enough links (what ever that may be is still undetermined). Aim for 100 internal links on each page and see how you go.
  • Have social media follows - you should always have social media follow buttons on your website in any case so this is probably not worth mentioning however if you dont get it set up straight away.
  • Add links in unconventional places - this could include privacy policy, terms and conditions and terms of service. Usually, these pages are relatively link-free and it could be a great area to add in some extra internal links.

Something else to consider when creating internal links is to create a journal of any internal link activity so you can revise pre-existing link text on the site. Tracking this sort of info will provide you with valuable insight into what pages you have added links on, how many links you have, and the number of times link variations might have been used.

What have I missed?

Feel free to share your internal link building guidance if you have something valuable to add here as well.
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