How many time take to keyword ranking?

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Hello Everyone,

i have one of new site but all keyword ranking is zero.
can anyone suggest to me why my keyword are not showing in ranking i have do seo all activities but zero keyword ranking...

Kindly suggest to me what can i do this website is a new site. so please help me....

Thank you
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    It takes 6 month to rank if competitors are huge and you have perfectly done with on page SEO
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    For some suggestions need more information about your website. Btw, your websites pages are in Google index?
    Sometimes new websites included in Google sandbox and u need more time for results.
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    Have you created too much backlinks ?If yes may be google send your site in sandbox else it will rank .BTW need some more info about your site
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    we can not predict the exact time period required for get rank into the Search Engine Result Page for particular query (keywords).
    but if you done all the activity like search engine Submission, Directory submission , social bookmarking,article submission and so on offpage Activities.
    1. Check if website or particular url crawl or not.
    a. if yes then check your onpage for particular Keywords make sure the landing page appropriate for the keywords
    b. if No submit for mannual Crawling.
    some times actaul keywords and your primary keywords diffres by spelling mistakes also check for that.
    hope this will helps you.
    if you have any question and queries reply on this comment.
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    Please create a quality back-link as well as onpage & check with seo audit tool for your reference. always use content marketing strategy.
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    Ranking of any keyword depends on competition for that keyword that you choose, content of your website, how many time that keyword has been used in your website content, and what activities (off page) you are doing to improve the ranking. According to me a keyword takes at least 3 months to get the ranking through SEO.
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    As already mentioned - it depends. In SEO you should be patient, how popular your keywords are?
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    You need to provide more information. Are you saying your site is not ranked on a keyword ? have you done keyword research ? how much competition do you have on the target keyword ?
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    There's a few things you can do to improve your ranking.
    Firstly have you tried focusing a bit on long tail keywords? Long tail keywords are the less obvious keywords that have a lower search frequency. They are advantageous for a couple of reasons, firstly, they are much less competitive than the more obvious keywords, meaning that your website will not have to compete against huge, already established companies for precious google rankings. If you chose your long-tail keywords smartly you will be top of the pile for your own search terms.
    You may be thinking, as I was when I first learned about long-tail keywords, that they are less competitive for a reason, they are no good.
    Well in many cases this may be true. But in many cases the opposite is true. Carefully choosing your keywords will deliver more focused, primed and ready to buy customers than the generic and broad search terms that dominate the search frequency rankings.
    For example, if instead of vying for the attention of customers searching for the words "Florist, London", you define your keywords a bit more and use the keywords "Florist, south london, same day delivery" you will attract users who know exactly what they want and are ready to buy.
    Another focus that might help your case is to concentrate on content length and quality. Google tends to rewards websites which it deems to contain quality content with a higher ranking, the way google decides whether your website contains quality content is how long visitors spend on your page once they have found it. If they spend a long time on your page then google is satisfied that your website contains the information that they are looking for. So it is well worth your while concentrating on making sure that the content on your website is of a high quality so that your visitors stick around once they find it.
    Using Image ALT tags is another quick win as far as as improving your keyword ranking is concerned. Using image ALT tags is a method that many people miss out on which is such a shame as they are an easy means to scoring a few more points with google and other search engines.
    Another way to score a couple of easy points with google is to include quality internal links to websites that are sources of authority on their given niche, it will help further if that niche is related to your own area.
    If you feel qualified, or if you are confident enough in your ability to wing it you could try guest posting or commenting on other websites, the more authoritative/relevant to your niche that these websites are, the better and this will help you to build quality backlinks which will further boost your ranking.
    Getting shares on social media is not a method to be ignored either. I'm sure I dont need to preach about the power and reach of social media as a tool for promoting your business on these pages, but it is worth bearing in mind that it will also improve your keyword ranking if used correctly.
    Making sure that your website is listed on all media and linked properly on each one will also help your keyword ranking.
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    How many links have you built and in what kind of websites? I have seen this question many times and when I ask more about backlinks I get a usual reply a few.

    Also the keyword difficulty also matter a lot you should focus on that and see if thats what stopping you from ranking.
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    As others have stated, we need to know what the website is. It would also be helpful to know what you are trying to rank for. If it is even halfway grammatically correct and with enough decent content, I'm sure it ranks for something - not necessarily what you want it to rank for but something, if it is indexed.
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    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox Business News, the NY Times & Flippa
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    It is almost impossible to predict whenever a keyword will actually rank on page 1 of google as there are many variables which are into this. Google will review your domain age, backlink count, quality of backlinks, relevancy of backlinks, anchor text of backlinks, number of pages your site has (which is indexed), your general Page Ranking score, how good your site is optimized, the frequency of which your website is updated with fresh content, etc, etc.. as well as the list continues.
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  • perhaps ranking in page depends on your domain age,backlinks,right keywords,low competition
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    What are the thing you have done? Have you building the backlinks for your keyword? Did you check your keyword competition?
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