What is the best resources (website name) for learning SEO Keyword research?

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I am newbie in SEO world .But I start to journey in SEO World ,so as my first step I want to learn Keyword research and competitor analysis from any helpful site.Please suggest me.

Advance thanks
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    hey ,
    welcome to the SEO World.
    as you say, you are fresher in this field. plz go through the youtube videos who gives you whole information about how to use Keyword Planner .
    some search Engine like Google provides the free tools for the Keyword Research. some provides the paid Tools for this.

    for Competator Analysis you may check forYoutube Videos or Some Blogs. Neil Patel blogs is one of the best Blog who gives detail information about how to do Competator Analysis.
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      thanks for wishing me.
      Can you mention some blog sites about it?
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      Google keyword planner does not show exact search volume result now. How can I get it?
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        use google adwords MCC and get exact vol.

        A Warrior always ready to L"earn"

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        Use https:// KeywordPlanner.Pro it provides FREE access to all Adwords metrics
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      You should check on Google add-word...
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    no other than backlink.co

    A Warrior always ready to L"earn"

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    You can get many blog site about seo from Google search engine which help to learn about seo
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    seomoz blog has nice tips and tricks that could be useful for you.
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    Here's a great SEO resource for beginners. It will definitely get you started, so you have an understanding of the fundamentals.

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    You can learn about seo on this forum this question has been asked a lot of times and I'm sure it'll be helpful if you search feed. For starters read up over the Internet you need to understand the keywords. Keywords are extremely important when it comes to seo. You can use a tool for it or you can do it yourself if you get the hang of it. Backlink.co can be extremely helpful in that regard
    Search more on youtube and learn the specifics and you're good to go it isn't much of a problem
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    Hi, Welcome into the SEO field. You can learn about keyword research from long tail university for keyword research you need google keyword planner, Semrush and long tail pro software. you can also research keywords by manual method this is the best way.
    For competitor analysis watch tutorial on youtube how to use majestic or Ahrefs software.
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    My best advice on this, use Google Keyword planner as well as the other free tools they provide for SEO. And for added knowledge, you can actually tap into multiple sources. Just search for it using Google as there are a lot of article topics about SEO. You can also consult to most members in this forum as I know they are more than capable of helping your with your questions concerning SEO...
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    Aside from tools you can try joining active online communities that are related to your website in which will help you in keyword research.
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    google is your best friend, with the millions of documents that rather
    http://powervideosexpressv2review.comPowerVideos Express V2 - building your animated video
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    hi masum ahmed

    Google keyword planner is the best tool for keywords research. you can do competitor analysis manually.

    Here I suggest some blogs to learn about keyword research and competitor analysis and also total SEO.

    1. search engine land blog
    2. search engine watch blog
    3. search engine journal blog
    4. SEO moz blog

    Alisa Alice,Digital Marketing Company

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