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I have a client that is changing their domain name. They currently have a ton of traffic with the old one.

Based on my analysis they have 100 unique URLs that will need 301 redirects.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Use something like Yoasts Pro redirect or modify the .htaccess file?

What is the typical traffic drop off percentage for a domain swap?

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    You want to modify the .htaccess file.

    I would imagine that is what the Yoast plugin is doing anyhow. Not sure though. If not, I would avoid it.
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    I've done a bunch of re-platforms/domain swaps. I think a drop is inevitable, the degree of which is in your hands. I've "rescued" a current client who saw a 35% drop and migrated another with as little as 2-5%.

    Here's my advice to limit it:

    - Redirect using .htaccess file
    - Copy the URL structures and METAS as much as possible
    - Don't try and change the content
    - Change little - risky business as it is

    Before you switch over, run screaming Frog over the new site (on staging I'd assume)

    - ensure there are missing META's, content
    - no 404's
    - No dupe content etc
    - Often, migrations don't get "ported" over correctly. So look for any other annomalies.

    P.S. Does the new domain name have any existing inbound links? We had one client who 301 into a much stronger (previously used) domain and saw huge increases.
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    There are lots of broken links or 404 error so you can use redirection on the Homepage.

    And also you can define the .htaccess file in the root directory and redirect to all with a specific page and URL link within your site.

    301 redirection is possible if you have less 404 error Page.
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